Best Crout Removal Tool: Relive Your Tile With Professional Tools With Ease

Mortar removal is less cumbersome if a suitable mortar remover is used. Here is the definitive guide to help you find the most suitable grout if you need to rework the joint manually or with a power tool before next spring.

Slot removal tools: The first three devices

We select 3 representative tools for different types of mortar removal. While there are hundreds of other instruments with similar characteristics, the has been chosen because it is very popular and affordable and has a long lifespan, and uses the. Below you can see the advantages and use of each model.

Electric oscillating multitools – Dremel 3000 Power tools for removing cement residue for use on large surfacesMost Popular
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Special power tools for hyde adjustment 19500 regressive power tools for removing cement residue on a small surface areaThe best value for money
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Tools for manual removal of grout 91300 Hand rubber for removing grout from laminate floors and floor coveringsHighly recommended
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Advantages of groove removal

Visual effects

  • Because cement mortar is very easy to spread and sometimes very difficult to clean after removing the old cement mortar, it will have a visual effect on old floors.


  • Removing the old cement is cost effective: you don’t have to spend money to buy new tiles while they are still shiny.

Popular methods for removing the old intestine – Practical tips

There are 3 most common methods to remove old cement mortar, i.e. to remove the mortar manually with a hand tool equipped with a suitable carbide knife.

Manual method for the removal of cement sludges

  • The manual method of removing cement mortar is effective when it is necessary to remove cement mortar on a small area, because it requires a lot of manual work when working on large surfaces, which is more time consuming and very tiring when manually removing for a long time.
  • If you are using a hand tool, you should choose a tungsten carbide sheet suitable for the size of your joint, and you should also choose a durable tungsten carbide sheet to protect your workers, because a cheap sheet will wear out very quickly.

Bottom scraper

  • In addition to the use of rotating hand tools, you can also use a joint scraper, scrap or laminate and resin to remove the joint. A daily floor scraper is inexpensive, but if you work with sand tile joint, you should choose a standard floor scraper to grind and use it for the entire floor area.

Oscillating tool (motorised universal tool) with blade for removing cement mortar

  • Thirdly, there is now a tendency to use the oscillating tool(powerful universal tool) with the cement mortar removal knife or a special tool for removing cement mortar. This method will save much more time and effort than using a manual tool.

Best tool for removing grooves: Feedback on the best equipment

Here we present the most popular tools used by thousands of housewives to remove mortar. Choose the one that best suits your home, depending on your destination and the size of the area.

oscillating tool (multipurpose, mechanical) with deburring knives – Dremel 3000

The best way to remove cement residue is to use an oscillating tool with a knife. There are a number of popular brands like Dremel, Dewalt, Ryobi… that offer you this power tool for very little money. The most popular and recommended model is the Dremel 3000-2/28 2 accessories/28 accessories

The Dremel 3000 is very light and has an adjustable speed from 5.000 to 32.000 rpm, which is ideal for a wide range of grout types (tile, brushed or non brushed, tile mortar, resin mortar, …). The adjustable speed is important, because depending on the type of grout, you can set the most suitable speed to prevent damage to the tiles.

The Dremel 3000 has 28 different nozzles, 2 nozzles (shredder nozzle and cutting nozzle) with 2 years warranty and is cheaper than other brands such as Dewalt or Bosch.

Specialist Repair Tool – Hyde Repair Tool 19500 – 3-Speed Electric Slot Repair Tool.

The Hyde Regrout is a special tool designed exclusively for the removal of mortar. The tool works best if you apply grout in small areas such as kitchen shelves, sinks, bathrooms… because it removes the grout precisely without damaging the tiles. This unit has three speeds up to 7100 rpm, so it does not damage the tiles like a single speed unit. On the force side, it can absorb 1/8 of the depth of the soil and uncut cement mortar at a rate of 1 per second.

The tool is very inexpensive and ultra-light (only 1.1 lbs.) and very manoeuvrable for precise work such as angles of 90 degrees, v…

Keep in mind that this tool works best on a small area, because if you use it for large shots, you’ll have to spend a lot more time than with a swinging tool.

Floor cleaning squeegee – Floor cleaning squeegee 91300 Floor cleaning squeegee

This is a heavy-duty 11 gauge floor wiper (equivalent to 3.048 mm thickness) made of commercial steel for long-term use and repeated regrinding. The tool works very well for removing debris from the ground and finding solutions for the soil.

In terms of performance, it is equipped with a triple fiberglass handle to be very strong and light. It also supports the I-beam and has an extended clamp coupling. The tool can be replaced or returned if it does not function normally.

Removal lock removal kit 568

It is now easier to remove the grout; just screw it to the front of your DREMEL; remove the grout for the walls and the floor.

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