Bissell DeepClean Lift Off Carpet Cleaner Review: 2-In-1 Washer You Should Add To Your Cart Now 2022

The Bissell Deep Clean Lift-Off Carpet Cleaner has become one of the best Lift off series carpet cleaner that Bissell have manufactured. The Bissell lift off carpet cleaner is one of the best cleaners from Bissell, featuring two cleaners in one: a main upright cleaner which is suitable for cleaning entire rooms and a portable spot cleaner that can be used for cleaning hard-to-reach areas of the house.

Pros: Featuring a powerful 6.2 amp motor you will be blown away with the sheer power of the Bissell lift off carpet cleaner! Not only does it give a deep clean to carpets, you can also use the upright vacuum to hoover dust left on your carpets. You are getting value for money, 2-in-1 carpet cleaner!

Cons: We are lost for words we were blown away with the Bissell lift off carpet cleaner, has to be one of the best carpet cleaners in the market, we found no fault at all, which is a first for us.

We tried the  66E1 model from Bissell to give you our review, so let’s jump in. We were very impressed with the portable spot cleaner that can be detached from the upright cleaner. The small convenient portable spot cleaner tool is very practical and ideal for cleaning car interiors; it’s light-weight so you can easily get to work instantly. The small size of this compact and detachable unit makes it perfect for cleaning any quick spills or pet messes: simply detach the portable unit and get to work instantly.

The Bissell lift off carpet cleaner comes with a convenient 5-foot flexible hose allowing you to reach behind sofas and underneath tables. It also comes with a tough stain tool that removes spills and spots entirely — this is perfect for cleaning stairs. Many customers have said that it is the best spot cleaner that Bissell has made thus far. This portable unit is a great carpet cleaner for first time buyers. It starts up ever so instantly with minimum set-up; you will feel the difference yourself. Now, let’s talk a little bit more about the upright cleaner of the Bissell lift off carpet cleaner. For starters, it has dual dirt lifter power brushes that combines 12 powerful rows of stiff brushes arranged in a wavelike pattern to surround the stain and remove it from the bottom with one pass; we love how they could remove even the toughest stains — even wine stains! This cleaner reminded of us the Hoover power scrub deluxe carpet washer that has both cleaner’s feature and 12 powerful brushes that rub deep on to your carpets.

That’s not all; the Bissell lift off carpet cleaner also has a heat wave technology that heats both the water and cleaning solution and allows the machine to maintain a constant temperature during carpet cleaning. It also features steam blast technology — with a push of a button the mouth of the cleaner will launch short powerful bursts of steam to heat the root of your carpets, blasting deep into the fibres and removing the hard-to-remove stains ingrained deep into your carpet. This technology is rare and unique; it can not be found in most of other carpet cleaners. The  Bissell lift off carpet cleaner has two separate tanks similar to the Bissell big green deep clean machine: one to store dirty water and another to house the clean water. Bissell has lowered the dry time in this cleaner, it features surround suction which allows edge to edge cleaning by lifting up dirt that’s hiding in the corners of your carpets — no stain can hide!

The removable nozzle is another great feature in this model for easy cleaning up and maintenance. All the tools and the power-cord of the Bissell lift off carpet cleaner can stay on board of the cleaner so it takes less space and helps you keep all the parts intact without losing any of them. Furthermore, it comes to you with 3 year limited warranty for industrial defects. This cleaner is perfect for all household cleaning, as it could be considered to be two machines in one. Clean the entire room with the upright cleaner and remove spots and spills when they occur with the portable spot cleaner unit. It’s a great investment that will surely save you a lot of money.

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