How To Professionally Do Hardwood Floor Care & Refinishing In 2022?

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Along with cleaning Hardwood Floors, professional cleaners can also re-finish them with a no sanding process, and depending on the condition of the floors, can save you thousands of dollars.

No sanding you ask…That is exactly what I said. Though there are different factors involved in the process, professionals can take a look at your floor and tell you based on some tests if it’s eligible for a No Sanding Finish.

Please note that this process cannot be done on all types of Hardwood Floors and that professional cleaners would first need to inspect your floor.

When professional cleaners come out to do an inspection they will first ask you a series of questions regarding how you currently maintain your floor along with what types of products you use.

Once professional cleaners have completed this interview they will then test your floor (in an inconspicuous area) for an Acrylic Finish. The process professional cleaners use after that is based on the results of the Acrylic Test.

So lets start with the basics.

How To Clean Hardwood Floors?

Hardwood Floors are cleaned using a detergent that is sprayed on your floor (in some cases directly on the pad), then gently scrubbed with a floor machine and pad. Once the floor is scrubbed the professional cleaners remove the excess dirt from the floor and dry it.

Depending on how dirty your floor is, this process may be done more than once.

Refinishing is more detailed than cleaning. First, there are tests that need to be done on your floor to determine the types of products that were used, then professional cleaners perform cleaning and refinishing.

Professional cleaners will take you step by step in this process, including giving you all your instructions and how to maintain your floor.

If An Acrylic Finish Has Been Used On Your Hardwood Floors

If it is found that an Acrylic Finish has been used on your floors, professional cleaners must first remove all the residue that is currently stuck to the floor. This process is completed in small sections at a time to ensure that all residue/wax has been completely removed so that your finish may stick to the floor.

Professional cleaners complete this process by:

  1. Sectioning off small areas of your hardwood floor at a time, Dissolver (a chemical used to break down and remove Acrylic Wax ) will be sprayed on the floor.
  2. Within a few minutes of it being sprayed, it will be removed from the floor.
  3. Professional cleaners will then clean the floor with Squeaky ( which both cleans and neutralizes the dissolver) remove it and dry your floor.
  4. Professional cleaners will have to retest the section to see if an Acrylic Finish is still present. If the test shows positive professional cleaners will have to repeat this step until no Acrylic Finish is shown.
  5. Once the test shows that no more Acrylic Finish is present professional cleaners will move on to the next section, taking the same actions as above.

After all residue has been completely removed from your entire hardwood floor professional cleaners move onto the next step, again completing this in sections.

Also if professional cleaners find that no Acrylic Finish has been used, professional cleaners can start directly with the cleaning process to the finishing process.

IFT(Intensive Cleaner)

Depending on the Floor some areas may need to be pre-treated with the cleaner allowing just a few minutes longer to sit on the dirt. Once pre-treating is complete, The cleaner will be sprayed in the section professional cleaners are working on, scrubbed into the floor, removed, and dried.

Professional cleaners will again clean the floor with Squeaky (which will neutralize the Deep Cleaner without leaving a film) remove it and dry your floor. This step again will be completed in sections until each section of the floor has been complete.

Before moving onto the Re-finisher, your floor will be dust moped removing any excess debris that may have collected based on movement in the room and airflow.

Apply Re-finisher

  • Once professional cleaners have completed each of the stripping and cleaning processes on your floor professional cleaners are now ready to apply the finish.
  • Based on the choice you make as to the type of sheen you would like (Gloss or Satin), professional cleaners will apply the finish using a micro-fiber pad over your entire floor.
  • After allowing the finish to set for 2 hours, professional cleaners will again dust mop the floor and apply the second coat of finish.
  •  Although you are able to “walk” on the floor after 4 hours of this final coat, it is recommended that you wait the full 24 hours to remain off your hardwood floor, giving it ample time to properly cure.
  • Once the floor is cured all furniture can be put back into place.

It is very important to maintain this floor properly after this process is complete. This will save you both time and money on any future maintenance needed.

To properly maintain your floor you should dust mop regularly with a micro-fiber mop and only use the floor cleaner that professional cleaners provide to actually clean your floor.

You should not use any form of wax on the floor .

By maintaining your floor per our instructions, you will find your floor can continue to have that sheen you enjoy and will only need a deep clean and finish on a yearly basis, cutting your costs down significantly.

To keep your Hardwood floor looking beautiful, here are some Care & Maintenance tips.

  • It is very important to only use the product, that professional cleaners provide you to clean your Hardwood Floors.
  • Do not use wax or silicone-based polishes or cleaners. Some wood flooring cleaners sold at your local store may actually make the floor more difficult to clean and may create problems when the floor requires refinishing.
  • At least once a week use the product professional cleaners provide to you and Microfiber Mop (provided to you) to thoroughly clean your floor.
  • Vacuum, sweep, or dust mops your floor as needed to remove any dirt and debris tracked in from the outside or food dropped on the floor. Professional cleaners recommend using a microfiber mop to clean your floor however, should you decide to vacuum, your vacuum head must be brush or felt. Never use Vacuums with beater bars or hard heads.
  • Wipe up all spills immediately, never allowing liquid to stay on your floor for any length of time.
  • The use of breathable material floor mats is recommended in high traffic areas and doorways, never use a rubber-backed mat, as they can discolor your floor. Using mats in such places as in front of your sink and stove or at doorway entrances protects the floor from dirt, debris, and other materials that can wear down your floor and prevents them from being tracked through the home.
  • Although you have a hardwood floor, it is still susceptible to “scratches”. To cut down the chances of scratching your floor:
  • Keep your animals’ nails cut
  • Avoid wearing high heels and spiked shoes.
  • Place felt pads under furniture that is moved frequently.
  • Do not slide heavy furniture across the floor. Lift it to move it.
  • It is recommended to maintain a beautiful floor you schedule a light cleaning once a year and a deep cleaning and refinishing once a year (basically having your floor maintained every 6 months)with professional cleaners (depending on the finish you have chosen, in some cases a refinish may only be needed every 2-3 years).

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