How To Clean Carpets & Rugs Professionally? (2022)

Carpet Cleaning Strategy: Specific Cleaning spot as an Example

Cleaning your carpet is easy, through the help and opinions of carpet cleaners. Carpet Cleaning companies provide many ways on how to clean the carpet. A specific cleaning spot is a good choice. In this habit, you must keep away the dirt from the carpet itself. Once you found dirt, spill, or any stain, you must fix or clean it immediately.

How To Clean Carpets Professionally?

Many cleaning companies primarily use Low Moisture (fast drying) bonnet cleaning for carpets. Hot Water Extraction (“steam”) is available when needed. Detergents are mixed with alkaline ionized water that has a negative charge (dirt has a positive charge), so the water itself ATTRACTS the soils. These detergents are highly specialized to encapsulate (or dehydrate) the TINY amount of soil that remains after cleaning so your carpets will literally SHINE when dry (usually less than a few hours). Hydrogen peroxide is used as a booster/deodorizer in most situations.

By combining these ingredients professional cleaners are often able to clean an entire large house of carpet with less detergent than you would use to wash your car!

Items like bleach, grease, paint and most hard to remove spots are no problem for professionals! Top-of-the-line fabric protectors are also available to ensure your carpet lasts and lasts. Basic carpet repairs (burns, simple/small seam repairs) are also possible.

How To Clean Rugs Professionally?

Rug Cleaning is very similar to Carpet Cleaning. Professional cleaners use fiber-specific detergents along with alkaline ionized water combined with Low Moisture (fast drying) bonnet cleaning (Hot Water Extraction (“steam”) is available when needed) to safely clean rugs in your home.

Special drying equipment can also be used (when needed) to ensure a safe process for both your Carpet and Rug. Top-of-the-line fabric protectors are also available to ensure your rugs lasts and lasts.

What Types Of Spots/Stains Can Be Removed From Carpet?

We know you’ve probably tried a bunch of things on it, and maybe had other professionals tell you that it can’t be done (and they may be correct), but in MANY, MANY cases they are not!

To make it easier for you we’ve done our best to sort the Stains that can be removed out alphabetically.

A, B, C, D, E

  • Asphalt, Asphalt Track Off
  • Baby Powder, Balms, Beer, Bird Droppings, Bleach Spots, Blood, Body Lotions, Body Oils, Bowel Movements (Fecal Matter), Burns
  • Candy, Cat Vomit, Caulk, Cheese Sauce, Chocolate, Chocolate Syrup, Cigarette Ashes, Cigarette Smoke, Coffee, Coffee Creamer, Cola, Construction Adhesive, Cooking Grease, Craft Glue, Crayon
  • Diaper Cream, Dog Oils, Dog/Cat Hair, Duct Tape, Dyes
  • Essential Oils, Eye Liner

F,G, H, I, J

  • Fingernail Polish, Fish Oil, Furniture Dents (Nylon Carpet Only), Furniture
  • Glue, Graphite, Grass Stains, Grease, Green Slime, Grill Grease, Gum
  • Hair Dye
  • Ice Cream, Ink (Ball Point Pen, Jelly, Markers)

K, L, M, N, O

  • Ketchup
  • Lipstick
  • Maple Syrup, Marker (All Types), Mascara, Mayonnaise, Meat Juice, Medicine(S), Melted Cheese, Milk, Mud, Mustard (All Types), Mystery Stains
  • Newsprint, Nicotine
  • Oil (All Types), Olive Oil

P, Q, R, S

  • Paint (Oil), Paste, Peanut Butter, Peanut Oil, People Vomit, Permanent Marker, Pizza Sauce, Printer Ink, Punch, Puppy After Birth
  • Red Juice, Red Wine, Rips, Rust
  • Salsa, Salt/Ice Melt, Shampoo, Silly Putty, Smoke Damage, Soap, Sock Fuzz, Soot, Spaghetti Sauce, Spray Paint (Tempura), Water Based

T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z

  • Track Off, Tanning Oils, Tar, Tea, Tears
  • Unknown, Urine (All Types)
  • Wax, Wing Sauce
  • Yellow Highlighter, Yellow Mustard
  • Zinc Oxide, Zippered Or Pulling Seams

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