How To Fight Allergy To Dust Mites? Knowledge, Treatments, And Causes You Should Know To Fight Against 2022

Allergy to dust mites is one of the scourges of the modern world. Some manufacturers of vacuum cleaners, Dyson as the brand, say their devices reduce the amount of allergens in homes with filtration.

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Allergy to Dust Mites – What Is It Exactly?

You tickles your nose, watery eyes, you notice a swelling of the lining of your nose or your throat, you feel exhausted. This fatigue is repeated once or twice per year, mostly in autumn and sometimes in the early heyday. Are you sensitive to dust?

Household dust is composed of various allergens (mites, pollens, mold …). Dust mites, that are tiny spiders, like dark places, the heat and humidity. They feed on skin scales. They are found in bedding, sofas, stay where humans or pets stay. It is their droppings which are allergens.

To heat homes in early autumn is very important as the number of mites was increased during  summer months. Heating and eliminating ambient moisture will reduce their population. But it is at this moment, when the droppings are maximum, that the risk of allergies are at their highest. The droppings are transformed into dust which is likely to be inhaled. Vacuum cleaners, if properly designed, can therefore effectively reduce the risk of allergy.

Vacuum and Dust Mites Allergy

What about HEPA filter vacuum?
The function of a vacuum is to help us get rid of house dust without recirculation in the air, like a broom does.

Allergen particles in dust are sucked in air through the hose of the device. If the unit is well designed, the air returned to the HEPA Filter is already cleared of dust. If the separation air / dust is not properly carried out upstream of the filter, it will quickly become dirty and clogged and the vacuum will lose suction capacity. It is a misconception to think that the presence of a HEPA filter is the guarantee of absolute reliability.

Some associations such as the AAFA (Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America) or the Asthma & Allergy Association in France deliver labels, recommendations or advice that identify the products really effective in the fight against allergies. Some brands, including Dyson, received this label.

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Other Dust Mites Treatment Methods

As a reason for allergies, dust mites have become a real market for manufacturers: spray covers, drugs … it is better not to rely on slogans “anti-mite” that we see flourishing everywhere.

I propose instead to try to follow these few common sense tips that will accompany the regular passage of a good vacuum cleaner:

• Ventilate the house daily, and maintain a cool temperature in the bedrooms.
• Ventilate the beds every day.
• Prefer smooth floors and carpets.
• Avoid drapes, curtains, Venetian blinds are dust traps.
• Remove objects such as textile fluff, failing to wash at 60 ° C or pass them in the freezer (the mites can not stand the cold).
• Choose plain sofas (leather or imitation leather) sofas fabric. We must banish the velvet.
• Store your books in a library closed.
• Avoid plants.
• Wash at 60 ° C pillows, sheets, blankets regularly.
• Vacuum often around the bed, under the bed and the mattress.
• Choose a good vacuum cleaner recommended by an association to fight against allergies.
• Avoid the presence of a pet inside your home.

The Causes of the Proliferation of Mites

The war on waste introduced with the oil crisis occurred in the 1970s changed the behavior:
– Homes are ventilated less often to avoid heat loss.
– The bedding is no longer exposed to the windows shook in the way of our grandmothers.
– Our houses are better insulated and more heated than our parents.

The structure of our interior was also modified:
-The kitchens are no longer separated from the rest of the house.
-In our apartments, we dry our laundry in the bathrooms that are often devoid of windows.
-We appreciate the green plants.

What these changes have in common is encouraging of the accumulation of moisture that stimulates proliferation of mites.

Conclusion: good ventilation, a reasonable temperature, and regular use of a suitable vacuum cleaner, can effectively help control allergies.

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