How To Maintain And Clean Carpet? 14 Tips That Will Make Your House More Adorable 2022

Over the years, carpets have been one of the most adorable things that add to the beauty of your living rooms. Not only do they add to the decorum of the place, but are also often considered as a welcome signature to the guests visiting our place. Today, carpets are available in a variety of materials like olefin, natural fibers, wool, and synthetic fibers. However, the most strenuous job arrives when it’s already time to get rid of any kind of stain or dirt that has accumulated on the carpet.

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Luckily, in today’s time, carpet cleaning has become quite an easy task. One of the most essential criteria for carpet cleaning is to get a good quality carpet washer that comes up with advanced quick drying and deep cleaning methodologies. Here are few of the carpet cleaning tips that might come helpful in order to get your carpets cleaned quickly.

Clean the spills immediately

It is mandatory in order to immediately get rid of any kind of accidental spill because if not done so, it will soon turn into a permanent stain and then make the cleaning job more stressful. If your carpet cleaner is not at hand, simply place some dry cloth sheets on the spill and absorb it as much as possible. Don’t rub it at all as this may cause the liquid to spread further and deeper. This is the number one carpet cleaning tip to follow! The Bissell spot clean pro is a great carpet cleaner to clean up those small spills that you want to clean hassle-free.

Vacuum the carpet before cleaning

Applying a vacuum on the carpet surface before cleaning always proves to be beneficial in reducing the effort of a carpet washer to a great extent. Vacuuming also proves to be good basically after parties to quickly wipe off any solid food residues that have fallen. The Bissell deepclean premier pet carpet cleaner is great for washing carpets, not does it only wash your carpet it also has a built-in vacuum so it is a 2 in 1 carpet cleaner which is great for washing your carpets and for using as a vacuum on a daily basis.

Use proper cleansing agent/solution.

It becomes extremely important to have knowledge about what kind of cleansing agent will work best with your carpet. Many carpet manufacturers specify the correct cleaning solution that works on carpets of different materials. Don’t take it lightly as an improper cleaning solution can cause mess and even violate the warranty of your carpet and cost you more.

The detergents for particular carpets are specifically designed so that they wouldn’t over foam or leave any sticky residues on the carpet, which can cause more dirt to settle! Specifically, if your carpet is made of wool, check for the ‘Wool Safe approved’ logo on the bottle.

Check a small area.

It is always good to be safe by first testing a small area of the carpet, preferably corners as they are not apparent to the naked eye. This way you can check if the solution is suitable for your type of carpet.

Pre-treat the carpet.

In order to get the best results when cleaning very dirty and stained carpets, a better idea would be to apply a pre-treatment cleaning solution before washing. Most of the carpet cleaners in the market come with a pre-treatment kit, which includes a bottle of solution and an applicator wand. Follow the instruction on the bottle for these ones, but remember that the conventional method is applying the pre-treatment solution on the stained areas and leave it to act before taking the carpet for washing.

Start from the portion away from the door.

This may sound ordinary, but actually it is a very novel thought! Begin cleaning from that portion of the carpet that is farthest from the door and approach towards the portion closer to the door of the room. This way you can avoid walking on the damp areas of the carpet.

Clean in straight lines.

In order to get your carpets thoroughly cleaned, apply straight and parallel strokes with your washer, with a small overlap of nearly 3cm to prevent streaking.

Don’t soak it too much!

If your carpet is soaked wet, it will take much larger time to dry. In order to prevent over soaking of the carpet, you need to ensure that you do not apply more than four-five wet strokes on a particular carpet area. Use more dry strokes than wet ones, and apply dry strokes until there is hardly any water left in the carpet that has to be absorbed.

Rinse if possible.

If you have a good advanced carpet cleaner that comes with the ‘rinse mode’, use his after washing the carpet with solution so that any residue or detergent is removed from the carpet before drying it. The Bissell big green deep cleaning machine features a ‘rinse mode’ and was rated highly by us why not check out the review and decide for yourself.

Wash stairs along with upholstery.

While buying a new carpet cleaner make sure that your cleaner comes with flexible wash tools included in it so that in case if you want to wash upholstered sofa, chair seat or carpeted stairs, you can easily perform the task.

Focus on stubborn stains.

The high-traffic areas of the house like the doorways and the stairs are bound to get dirtier and accumulate some serious stains. Use proper wash tools and hose for a better concentrated cleaning. Pre-treat such areas and then use the wash tools to wash away the dirt. In case you have an oily stain on your carpet, treat the stained portion with hairspray and this can help effectively dissolve the stain.

Don’t forget crevices and corners

Most of the cleaners available in the market make edge-to-edge cleaning of stains. However, some portions are let with proper cleaning. Making use of the wash tools and hose can help clean the left portions as well!

Let proper amount of air circulate in the house.

You need to keep all your doors and windows open so that good air circulation can cause the wet carpet to dry quickly. While cleaning, if you take the care of preventing your carpet from being over soaked, it will take hardly 1-3 hours for the carpet to dry. We recommend to use the Vax V-125A all terrain upright carpet washer as not only does it wash your carpets it also feature quick-dry technology that drys you’re carpets as it passes over them.

Wash Regularly

Ensure that you don’t leave too much of gap between regular intervals of washing. In spite of vacuuming it, you need to wash you carpet so that it does not lose its charm. This is because; cleaning the carpet with a carpet cleaner will lift dirt only from the top surface and not from the deeper sections of the carpet fibers. Thus with daily walk on the carpet, more dirt is bound to get settled at the carpet bottom making the fibers at the bottom weak. Thus regular washing can help you resolve this problem.

That’s all the carpet cleaning tips wrapped up, be sure to share this with your friends and family so we can all have brand new looking carpets!

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