iRobot Roomba 760 Robot Vacuum Review (2022)

The Roomba 760 is one of the latest versions of the Roomba, the hands-free, robotic vacuum manufactured by iRobot. Using what iRobot calls “iAdaptTM Responsive Cleaning Technology”, the Roomba 760 maneuvers itself through a room, gently bouncing off furniture and other obstacles while removing dirt and debris from the room’s floor. Its sensor technology even recognizes hard-to-clean areas and will spend extra time brushing the floor, back and forth, until the excess dirt has been removed. This vacuum is compact, just under fourteen inches wide, and less than 4 inches high; it’s also lightweight, weighing under ten pounds making transport much easier than many of the previous models from iRobot.

The Roomba 760 seems simple enough for anyone to operate, and could be useful to a wide variety of consumers. In particular, individuals who don’t have time to use a regular vacuum every day, but who have pets or a heavy amount of foot traffic, may find the Roomba 760 to be especially helpful. Also, individuals with physical limitations might appreciate many of the Roomba 760’s features.


  • Molded Soft-Touch Bumper—as previously stated, this vacuum is gentle; the bumper provides a cushion between the vacuum and your walls, furniture, etc.
  • Persistent Pass Cleaning Pattern—spending extra time on tough areas
  • Dual HEPA Air Filters—reducing allergens in your home
  • Advanced Cleaning Head—better at picking up pet hair, dirt, and dust than previous Roomba models
  • AeroVacTM Series 2 Bin—suctions debris and hair off of the brushes and into the bin; bin has a larger capacity than older versions
  • Dirt DetectTM—acoustic sensors that find debris and focus cleaning effort where needed
  • Long-Lasting Battery—50% longer than previous models
  • On-Board Scheduling—allowing the Roomba 760 owner to program up to seven automatic cleanings a week

Roomba 760 Reviews from real consumers

For the most part, consumer reviews of the Roomba 760 seem favorable. An overwhelming number of reviews agree with the manufacturer’s claim that the Roomba 760 is great at picking up and containing dust and dirt. In particular, pet owners seem thrilled with the 760’s performance in this area. Several reviewers also seem pleased with the sensor capabilities of this product; most feel it is adept at maneuvering over, around, and under furniture and other obstacles. In fact, more than one person mentioned that the Roomba 760 seems “smarter” than its predecessors. Most feel the Roomba 760 transitions between surfaces well, and many commented on the gentleness of the unit, apparently an improvement over older versions.

While most of the 760 owners seem pleased overall with the product, there are some common concerns across the board. The most often mentioned deals with the HEPA filters. While many feel that the filters do a good job at capturing the dirt, there is concern that the filters fill up quickly and will have to be replaced often. (One individual, however, remedies this by blowing the filter clean with his air compressor.) And while the bin on the Roomba 760 is larger than older models, many consumers are dissatisfied with the amount of debris it holds and wants even more capacity. Several individuals indicated that the Roomba isn’t able to clean the edges of a room to their satisfaction, and more than one individual commented that the machine’s suction is not very powerful.

Another common concern is the self-docking feature of the Roomba 760; it is supposed to automatically return to its base to recharge; however, the unit seems to have issues in finding its way home at times, pausing and stopping in the middle of the room. The noise level of the Roomba 760 bothers some of the reviewers, and one or two mentioned that the Roomba has a hard time with obstacles, such as cords and cables. The 760’s instruction manual comes in the form of a DVD; many reviewers indicated they would prefer a print copy.

There were some unique situations discussed in the reviews that warrant mentioning. Some individuals pointed out that the Roomba 760 did not work on certain surfaces. One reviewer also claimed that the rubber front on the vacuum left dark marks on light-colored surfaces. Finally, a Roomba 760 review from Australia cautioned that the 760’s power adapter is only 110V and will not work in every country.


  • Excellent at removing and trapping dust, dirt, and debris
  • Transitions well between surfaces
  • Gentle on furniture, walls, and other objects


  • HEPA filter—fills up quickly; may need to be replaced often
  • Small bin capacity
  • Noise level


For the most part, people who purchased the Roomba 760 seem genuinely pleased with the product, in spite of the issues mentioned above. A person would still need to vacuum with a regular, full-sized vacuum occasionally, especially around the edges and other spots hard for the Roomba to reach. However, for daily, light maintenance, the Roomba 760 seems like an excellent choice. And if the Roomba 760 reviews are accurate, people with pets will be genuinely happy to own this product. However, with the Roomba 760 price of over $400, many may think twice before adding this product to their house cleaning repertoire.

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