Kärcher sc1.020 Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner Review: Recommendation To Clean Your Home Effortlessly 2022

Today we are going to review the Kärcher SC, a device that allows you to clean your home effectively and effortlessly; let me just say it: we instantly fell in love with it! Instead of using a built-in heater or a powered tool, the Kärcher SC cleaner channels a steam on the carpet surface to get maximum cleaning results in no time. The steam, delivered by this cleaner, doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or scrubbing that can damage the carpet base, ensuring spotless carpets. It features an outstanding ‘Steam Control Handle’, which allows you to adjust the steam limit according to the cleaning requirements, hence saving the cleaning surfaces from any damage. This unit comes with a number of features such as 4m power cord, 1 litre water tank capacity, steaming time per tank 25min, steam flow rate 40g/min, hand tool, and sophisticated nozzle.

Pros: We can’t believe it only costs £99. For the price this is a great buy, with a 1500w motor it’s the most powerful carpet cleaner in it’s price band. With a number of add-ons and tools, you get your money’s worth with the Karcher steam carpet cleaner.

Cons: The design feels cheap and tacky, but Bissell have stripped away the unnecessary components and kept this design simple. It gets the job done.

The Kärcher SC Cleaner has a quicker drying time compared to other cleaners because of its powerful motor. The motor is an outstanding 1500w, which is way more than what its Vax competitor Vax 6131T 3-in-1  has (that  runs at 1000w). However, it is much less than the 1850w motor power of the Bissell proheat caper cleaner. After all, the Kärcher SC Cleaner is the best option for removing grease from fans or ovens hobs, and even hard floors. However, if you are after an old fashion ‘Henry Hoover‘ like carpet cleaner, then we recommend the Vax 6131T 3-in-1 Multivax Dry Vacuum and Carpet Washer instead.

The Kärcher SC Cleaner includes an on-board floor tool and an accessory storage unit, which are definitely handy add-ons. The hand tool is used to remove embedded dust from the upholstery and car interiors, while an advanced nozzle with a round brush is used to clean the awkward hard to reach places like kitchens and bathroom corners and even under the tables. Another cool feature with the Kärcher is that the brushes of  the nozzle are firm, thus allowing you to rub deep into the carpet fibers. We did notice that so much like a boiler, sometimes the pressure of the cleaner may increase, so a safety valve (Childproof Lock) is used in this steam carpet cleaner. This is effective in preventing the unit from gaining excessive pressure. So before storing the unit, make sure that the water is released from the unit or you may get some spills.

The Kärcher SC Cleaner comes with an impressive ‘Lamellae Floor Tool’, which can help in removing the stubborn dirt and grounded spills from difficult-to-reach areas such as carpet edges and stairways. Steam cleaning is a great feature of this cleaner since this is one of the most hygienic ways of cleaning, as it doesn’t spread dust during the cleaning process. The on-board dia is not permanently attached, making way for adjusting the different modes of cleaning, but in terms of ease of use it has an edge over other cleaners and one of the best home carpet cleaners.

Sometimes carrying carpet cleaners up the stairs can be a tedious job and requires much effort, but this Kärcher is lightweight and can easily be carried from one place to another. An innovative steam system will also leave your home smelling fresh quickly and effectively. To add to those cool specs, setup of the Kärcher is easy, as it’ll take only 10 minutes of your time to put the entire unit together, and you are ready to clean.

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