Miele S7 Twist S7210 Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review 2021: What People Like About It?

The Miele Twist is one of the more popular vacuums on the market.

It has a 1200-Watt Vortex Motor that makes it an incredibly powerful vacuum.

It will be capable of handling even the most difficult cleaning job.

Another important aspect of the Miele Twist is that it utilizes a swivel neck. This allows you to vacuum around large furniture and get to all the difficult and hard to get to places.

This swivel neck is something that is going to make cleaning your home easier. You will not have to exert yourself and strain to move the vacuum about.

The twist design is very popular with those who have purchased the vacuum. Another feature of the vacuum that people love is the top rotary dial.

This dial allows you to adjust the vacuuming suction level.

Many people enjoy the ability to change vacuuming speeds and levels without having to stop the vacuum.

This feature let’s you move from carpet to bare floors to furniture, without having to stop and adjust the unit.

The Miele S7 Twist comes with an extra long power cord. This cord eliminates the need to constantly plug the unit into different sockets.

The amount of time and energy that is saved is considerable. Customers enjoy the fact that they can vacuum with ease and move from one area to another without having to stop the vacuum.

The Miele S7 Twist also comes with a flexible 12-foot hose. This hose is great for cleaning hard to reach areas.

These areas might be stairs, shelves, or furniture. In addition to the hose there are three accessories.

You get the Dusting Brush, the Upholstery Tool and the Crevice Tool.

All of these accessories can be easily place on the back of the vacuum.

The Miele has a specially molded back, which will hold all three brushes.

People enjoy the overall effect of the Miele S7 Twist S7210 Upright Vacuum Cleaner. The cleaning they get is exceptional.

One particular feature that people appreciate is the Miele Super Air Clean filter. This filter removes 99.5 % of particles.

This is a great benefit for those people who are dealing with allergies and want to get rid of as much debris and dust as possible.

It should also be noted that the Miele S7 Twist S7210 Upright Vacuum Cleaner has been designed to be extremely ergonomic. This is important because many vacuums on the market are not designed to be easy to handle.

The Miele has specially designed handles which make them fit perfectly. People have remarked that this vacuum reduces the strain that normally comes with operating a vacuum.

Overall, people really enjoy the Miele S7 Twist. The vacuum has an array of features that make it one of the more advanced models on the market.

It is both simple to use and efficient. If you are looking for a vacuum that can do an excellent job and comes with all the attachments you need then this vacuum is a great choice.

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