Vax S6 Home Master Steam Cleaner Review: Choosing The Best Among Various Products 2022

Plenty of steam cleaners are available out there for sale. Choosing the best among them is quite a task and after much selection and filtering, we have zeroed in on the Vax S6 Home Master Steam Cleaner. Its functionalities are very vast and one factor which aids its high rating is its sleek design. Accept it, cleaning is not one of your most favourite jobs and you know you’d rather get it done as soon as you can. With this in mind, lugging a bulky cleaner behind you would do no good and probably would make you irritable for the whole duration of your cleaning.

Pros: The Vax S6 Home Master Steam Cleaner comes with a range of features such as a powerful 1600 watts motor, variable steam control allowing you to use a range of steam bursts. And all ready to use in 10 mins you will fall in love with the Vax S6.

Cons: The hose can be a little fiddly as it reaches 1.6 metres. You will have to drag the cleaner around the house so you can reach the hard to reach places.

The Vax S6 steam cleaner can be virtually used for a wide variety of tasks. Owing to its versatility and its powerful 1600 watts motor, it will blast even the toughest of stains. It is very easy to use, having a varied range of hose fittings that can seek out any persistent grime or dust in any nook and corner. The hose is made of a well-insulating material that ensures your safety against the high temperature steam. The various tools and attachments also add to its credit, each designed for a specific purpose, ensuring that all round cleaning can be achieved with its flexible 6m power cord.

Steam is a natural cleaner. The concept is very simple, really: the Vax S6 home master steam cleaner  just uses clean water to create a powerful blast of steam. As you may know, dirt, grime and stains have adhesive properties that make it stick onto almost every surface. But with steam, the adhesive softens and dilutes, letting you wipe away the grime very easily. The fact that the machine only uses clean water and no other harmful chemicals or substances also makes it environment-friendly. Other than stain removal, steam also kills many common bacteria that may be present on home appliances and accessories that are constantly being used or handled. These harmful bacteria could include e-coli, salmonella and listeria. With such great features it was also included in our list of the Best steam mop of 2022, impressive right.

Another advantage of using the Vax S6 Home Master Steam Cleaner is that the cleaning agent, steam, is non toxic and does not leave behind any toxic residue. Common cleaners are either highly acidic or highly basic, either corroding the surface, or fading the colors. But water, being neutral, does not have any side effects on the cleaned surface. Compared to potentially harmful and expensive chemical based cleaners, using this is a very safe and easy method for home cleaning.

Steam cleaning can be done anywhere, even in remotely accessible places within your house. Some of the commonly steam cleaned surfaces are windows, mirrors, carpets, oven tops, barbeques, taps, shower heads, tiles, ceramic, cars, etc. The Vax S6 steam cleaner comes with a good boiler capacity, which makes sure that you can do a lot of cleaning before having to refill. The heater plate is also very efficient in terms of bringing water to a boil within seconds. This steam cleaner is a perfect combination with the Vax 6131T and both would be great additions to the house.

Overall, this amazing device is a must have for your household. It comes with excellent ease of use, portability, mobility and storage facilities, which lets you clean almost anything with it and tuck it away in a corner of your house. With the wide range of surfaces that can be cleaned, and the safe use of steam, your house can be wondrously clean in minutes.

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