Vax W87-DV-R Dual V Carpet Cleaner: Grab Both The Design And Cleaning Power 2022

The Vax W87-DV-R Dual V Advance Reach Upright Carpet Cleaner is a unique and powerful upright carpet cleaner that makes washing your carpets and upholstery easier, simpler, and stress-free. In this review we will take a closer look at the Vax W87 to show you the unique features of this model, a powerful carpet cleaner from Vax featuring Dual V technology; we have the full review.

The Vax cleaner can remove  even the toughest of stains, dirt, allergens and odours embedded deep into the roots of your carpets, so you don’t have to bother hiring expensive carpet cleaners as the Vax W87 will get the job done. The Vax W87 model has  SpinScrub technology that gives you superior results as it sucks dirt particles from stairs and upholstery with just one pass.

Pros: A powerful carpet cleaner from Vax we loved the Vax W87-DV-R. Featuring Dual V technology allowing your carpets to dry as you wash and SpinScrub technology this carpet cleaner will do the same job as hiring a carpet cleaner.

Cons: We believe the price for the Vax W87-DV-R is a little high, however, Vax has recently cut the price and therefore it is available at a much more reasonable price.

With its rotating brush mechanism (it has 6 powerful rows of rotating brushes getting to work instantly working deep into your carpet’s fibers lifting the deep dirt stains and messes hard to see with the naked eye), you will see instant results with just one clean. The Vax Dual V advance carpet cleaner washes the carpet from the roots and agitates the fibers with its SpinScrub technique, while the patent-protected dry-heat Dual V technology also helps the carpet dry off easily after washing, this technology can also be found with the Vax S6.

An important feature of the vax carpet cleaner is its dual tank system which prevents the clean and dirty water from mixing together. This is a genius feature as some carpet cleaners actually run the risk of mixing both waters. The capacity of the clean water tank is 3.7 liters while the dirty water tank can hold up to 3.2 liters, which is adequate for storing the dirty debris so no need to empty it every few minutes as other cleaners would require.  Reading customer reviews informed Vax that customers actually agree that having a long power cable is important when selecting a carpet cleaner, so they responded by providing this model with a long power cord that reaches up to 10 meters, allowing you to clean large rooms with ease. Vax always looks after your comfort so this model comes equipped with a long flexible hose (2.6 meters) to reach the hard places and stairs to simplify the cleaning process as much as possible. The weight of the machine is very adequate, only 10.3kg, a weight similar to the Vax W91.

It comes to you with a SpinScrub wash tool which is designed for cleaning upholstery and stairs and for the removal of tough stains. Alongside the SpinScrub wash tool, you also get an upholstery wash tool at no extra cost. A lengthy warranty for this carpet cleaner is provided by Vax, as it comes to you with a 6-year warranty. Fair enough, the designers are sure of the power and quality of this product to give you such a long warranty, so rest assured the Vax W87 was built with customer satisfaction in mind. Cleaning will never be the same with help from the Vax W87 Carpet Cleaner to get your carpets, upholstery, stairs, and car cleaned within minutes. The Vax W87 will not disappoint — we loved the design and power of the Vax carpet cleaner featuring edge-to-edge cleaning — this has to be one of the best carpet cleaners from Vax.

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