You want To Change Your Old Carpet Cleaner? Bissell PowerLifter PowerBrush Review 2022

Are you fed up with your old carpet cleaner? Do you want to restore your carpets to its prestigious state it was when you first got them? Well we may have the answer. The Bissell powerlifter carpet cleaner is one of the best carpet cleaner we have reviewed and is in our top 5 carpet cleaners list.

We have a review for the Bissell power lifter power brush upright deep cleaner, rated highly by customers and winning a number of awards. Rest assured that it will get you a clean, fresh, odour free carpet by simply using hot water and carpet cleaning solution. It is a practical cleaner, light weight and easy to move around the house, it gets to work cleaning carpets with minimal effort.

Pros: A powerful carpet cleaner that we enjoyed to review. It was a no-nonsense carpet cleaner easy to assemble and got to doing the job effectively. We tried cleaning 3 stains, coffee stains, ink stain and a chocolate stain. With a couple of swipes the stains were removed.

Cons: We think the design of the cleaner feels like plastic, something made from cheap materials. How this can be a benefit as it is very lightweight.

The Bissell power lifter has a very elegant design and weighing in at only 23 pounds. It is compact in size so you can store it away with ease under the stairs allowing you to take up minimal storage space. Equipped with a powerful (12 AMP) motor, it gets to work cleaning your carpet fast and efficiently; and it would be understandable for you to think that with such a powerful engine, it would be noisy. However, we were amazed that it hardly made any noise while being operated. The Bissell upright carpet cleaner has a sleek design that is obvious, with large  rotating wheels and with a removable nozzle you can use  toclean the edges of your carpets with precision. The closest competition we found with similar features was the Hoover steamvac carpet cleaner.

The Bissell cleaner has a two in one unit for water and detergent in one tank, which makes the cleaning process easy by mixing the water with the detergent inside the tank during cleaning. The dirty water is collected in a separate tank from the clean water, allowing you to easily remove the dirty water and get back to cleaning your carpets.

It also comes with a powerful set of brushes comprised of four brush rows made of stiff fibers to scrub deep into the carpet removing all the stubborn dirt. These four rows located at the mouth of the vacuum head are arranged in a wavy position to allow you to lift the deep dirt, giving your carpet a thorough cleaning, removing even those pesky mud stains. It comes equipped with a 20 feet cord, similar to one equipped in the Hoover cleancet CJ900; this good length allows you to cover more space and help you clean large rooms without the hassle of unplugging and plugging the power cable all over your house.

The Bissell carpet cleaner comes to you with a free carpet cleaning detergent (16 ounces) and a Scotchgard (a dual purpose detergent) that will help you remove all the stains from your carpet, and not only that, it can even protect your carpet from future stains. This is a special Bissell formula that provides deep cleaning by breaking up all the stains, leaving your carpet feeling new, odourless, clean and feeling fresh.

Bissell is a famous brand that has proven itself in the market of carpet cleaning for years. As a result, Bissell are so confident that they actually provide a 2 year manufacturer’s guarantee, which means if anything goes wrong they would be happy to replace your cleaner, hassle free. With this Bissell carpet cleaner your old carpet will come back to life. Save the money you spend on the rental of a professional carpet cleaner and get yourself the Bissell powerlifter powerbrush carpet cleaner to get the professional carpet cleaning in your home that your carpets deserve.

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