iRobot Roomba 532 Pet Robot Vacuum Review (2022)

The iRobot Roomba Pet Series 532 is a hands-free, robotic vacuum designed specifically to deal with the extra hair and debris that pet owners experience.  Like all robotic vacuums, the iRobot 532 uses technology to maneuver itself through a home, suctioning dirt and debris from the floor.  This particular model, however, comes with an additional high-capacity sweeper bin, to hold even more debris left behind by pets.  The Roomba 532 lacks the on-board scheduling feature of other Roomba products, as well as a handle.

This product is designed to handle extra pet hair and dander, and as such should appeal to pet owners and others with greater cleaning needs.  Anyone who is trying to minimize the amount of time he or she spends cleaning would likely be interested in the Roomba 532, also.

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  • High capacity sweeper bin
  • Extra brushes and cleaning tools
  • Cleans up to three rooms on one battery charge
  • 2 Virtual Walls that restrict the Roomba 532 to a certain area
  • Standard iRobot technology, such as a light-touch bumper, stair-sensors, and anti-tangle technology

Roomba 532 Pet Reviews from real consumers

The Roomba 532 Pet Series model lacks some of the technology the newer generation robots employ, but surprisingly, a good number of reviewers seem genuinely satisfied with their Roomba 532.  Reviewers seem amazed at the amount of pet hair, dander, and debris that the 532 picked up, and most think the Roomba 532 is very thorough in its cleaning.  In particular, many reviewers are thrilled with the iRobot 532’s performance on hardwood floors; this sentiment is repeated over and over.

The 532 reviewers, as a whole, seem to have realistic expectations of their Roomba 532; most do not expect it to replace their full-sized vacuum and must acknowledge that the 532 needs daily maintenance.  For many, maintaining the brushes just isn’t a huge issue, and most feel that the pop-out design of the brushes, as well as the tools included with the Roomba 532, really make it simple.

Several reviews mention the Roomba 532’s ability to easily vacuum under beds and furniture, removing pet hair that normal vacuums often cannot reach.  As with other iRobots, many think the Roomba 532 is very easy to understand and operate, and, unlike other iRobot products, few reviews complain about docking issues with the unit.  Cat and bird owners love that the Roomba 532 makes light work of kitty litter and birdseed.  Several reviewers also comment on how quietly the Roomba 532 operates, which is a stark contrast to its counterparts, often described as “noisy”.

There are, of course, negative reviews about the Roomba 532, but these don’t have the perturbed tone prevalent in reviews of other robotic vacuums.  High maintenance of the unit was definitely one of the most mentioned downsides of the Roomba 532, but again, many negative reviewers acknowledge that is to be expected with a unit like a Roomba.

Roomba’s 532’s penchant for getting stuck is another common complaint.  Several people express disappointment that the iRobot 532 doesn’t seem able to clean a large area on a single charge. As a result, if the unit has to recharge mid-project, it does not remember where it left off and starts over again. Along those same lines, customers mention that the unit operates very slowly.  Many customers seem hesitant to let the Roomba 532 run when they are not home, preferring to operate it when they are close by and can fix any issues the unit might have. Some wish the iRobot 532 had an even larger capacity bin, and some express concern that their battery seems to be dying after only a year.

While iRobot vacuum reviews occasionally mention an issue with the Roomba and dark carpet, the Roomba 532 Pet Series receives a noticeable number of complaints in this area.  Apparently, the Roomba’s stair-sensing technology reacts to dark areas, causing the unit to stop and prohibiting it from proceeding further.  Another unusual complaint—the Roomba 532 doesn’t handle wet areas, such as animal vomit or excrement, very well; the Roomba’s spot-sensing technology will compel the Roomba 532 to remove it, spreading the offending liquids everywhere.


  • Great at picking up pet hair
  • Excellent on hardwood floors
  • Easy to understand and operate
  • Quiet Operation
  • Works well on kitty litter and birdseed


  • Large areas can’t be cleaned on one battery charge
  • Can get stuck easily


Based on its reviews and its price (just over $300 dollars on Amazon), the iRobot Pet Series Roomba 532 may be a good choice for consumers wanting a simple robotic vacuum.  It seems to do an adequate cleaning job, can handle most households with pets, and apparently lacks many of the issues associated with the newer units and technology.  However, it may not be a good choice for the physically impaired, as this particular iRobot does not come with a handle and may be difficult to move manually.

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