Hoover BH52160PC – Useful Handheld Vacuum For Stairs Review (2021)

Hoover is proved to be the trusted brand name in the category of the best vacuum cleaner and no doubt that it is true to the name. And let me tell you that this small handheld vacuum cleaner will not disappoint.

It comes at 2.1 pounds and in this way, you will think that this does not pack much of a punch but I would like to say that you would be wrong at all!

The Hoover Air supports 20V Lithium battery that is quite powerful. According to consumers’ reviews, it does such a great job that It pulls up pet hairs from couches and from carpets and also dirt from car boots mats as well.

It is uniquely designed in such a way that lifts all dirt mess. it comes with a rotating brush that helps a lot to promote suction power.

Great Design and Performance

As far as the design and performance are concerned, I would like to tell you that this Hoover comes with sleek silver and blue design offers with a curved handle that even easily and nicely fits in your palm. On the other hand, most users complaint about the engineering of this vacuum cleaner, because the dust particles mostly blow out from the air vent but it totally suggests that the filter is not properly made catching even the smaller particles at all. Even after every 4to6 uses you will need to wash the filter and after that, you just need to dry it and that takes an hour that not pretty cool at all! Furthermore, this product is quite and some consumers report that it makes a little noise or louder than a hair dryer but quieter as compare to average full –size vacuum cleaner.

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Battery Performance

It is its downside that it needs a lot of r much time to get a full charge. It comes with the Lithium battery that takes a round about 9 to 12 hours in order to get fully charged. But its positive point is that after getting full charge it works for a long period of time and never run out of charge.

Add On!

It comes with such Powered Turbo tool that provides a great suction boost, with this a Crevice tool make it capable to help you clean tight spots, like car interiors and stairs as well. It can also be fitted easily into the Hoover Cordless 2 in 1 Stick Vacuum that provides you more options as well.


  • Great battery life
  • Best suction quality
  • Not much loud
  • Offers 2 attachments i.e. Turbo Tool and Crevice


  • Long battery time
  • Need to clean filter every 4-6 used
  • Dust particles come out from air vent


Let me conclude that, this can be the best handheld vacuum 2018 for you! If you are willing to carry a quality suction performance and also if you are happy with a long battery charge time and cleaning the filter often.

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