Bissell ReadyClean PowerBrush Carpet Cleaner Review: Pros And Cons You Should Read Before Purchase 2022

Bissell vacuums have earned people’s trust in the market of carpet cleaners for years. The primary intention at Bissell is to offer you quick and practical solutions in home carpet maintenance. Today, we review the Readyclean Powerbrush carpet stain remover by Bissell. This is Bissell model number 47B2. These are the latest vacuums in the market from Bissell in terms of their upright carpet cleaners, competing against Hoover’s powerful Maxextract Dual V carpet cleaner.

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Best PL360 Odor Neutralizing Carpet Powder

Definitely worth the price – The powder is very fine and covers well. There is no odor and no clouds of dust during application. Let it sit for about 20 minutes and then vacuum. There will be absolutely no odor left. There would be NO PET ODOR…not of the pee or of the powder. After the powder, the carpet is saved.

Pros: This Bissell model is a great carpet cleaner that ticked all our boxes. Bissell has customized this carpet maintenance model to have built-in microban technology. These Bissell vacuums come with heat technology to dry carpets. As well the ReadyClean by Bissell is there to support you, it is easy to set-up and to use on most carpets. Replacement parts are also available in case of an accident or damage. We loved these Bissell cleaners, as they will get the job done on your carpet with ease. Highly recommend this line of cleaners by Bissell for people with a pet and/or small children.

Cons: It is rare that we do not have anything to say, but we are actually lost for words. This Bissell ReadyClean model has to be one of the best carpet cleaners we have reviewed. If we had to find a critique, the power cord Bissell chose for this model is a little short for some carpet jobs, but you do get 20 metres.

Bissell ReadyClean PowerBrush Design

The first thing you will notice about this collection of carpet cleaners from Bissell is the beautiful design of this upright cleaner, and with its compact size and small dimensions, it has easy storage, as it won’t take up a large amount of space. This Bissell carpet cleaner is light, weighing only 14 pounds, and also comes with a handy retractable handle, which makes the carpet cleaner easy to handle and lift with ease from room to room. Another feature of this Bissell upright is the removable nozzle that helps you clean hard-to-reach places such as the carpet behind those tight sofa corners or spaces behind the TV stand. Due to the compact size of this model, it is perfect for carpet in apartments and the carpet you find in bungalows, since it allows you to clean the carpet in narrow rooms and stairways with comfort, you can even clean under furniture with ease, which is a huge bonus for people with a pet. Many customers have expressed this benefit and prefer the Bissell Readyclean carpet cleaner for maintaining small apartments and rooms. However, if you’re after a smaller-sized cleaner, then the Bissell spot clean pro is a great choice for you.

The Bissell “Quick & Simple” Process

The simplicity of the Bissell Readyclean cleaner makes it perfect for everyday maintenance and for removing dust and stains from your carpets with one simple pass. It has a quick and simple process: just remove the water tank, add tape or hot water to the fill line, add detergent, re-set the tank then turn the switch button and let the magic begin; all the mess and dirt will disappear and you are left to enjoy the fresh and clean look of your carpet! This makes it a great option for people with a pet. It is simple as that, anyone can actually do it.

Carpet Cleaners Brushing System

During our review, we were impressed by the brushing system Bissell has built, these parts tackle and remove all the debris and mess, by deeply brushing the carpet’s fibers to give you a final clean and fresh look. The Bissell brushing system parts include a rotating Powerbrush and edge sweep brushes that scrub the stains deeply, removing all embedded dirt from the root. The water and the detergent are injected deeply at the bottom of the carpet’s fibers, the rotating Powerbrush scrubs and loosen the stains and the powerful suction begins to lift all that away.

Transparent Collecting Tank

The collecting tank on this Bissell model is transparent, so you can see when you have reached the top. It fills up depending on the amount of dirt on the carpet, so if you are washing a heavy dirty carpet you might need to empty it more than once to maintain the efficiency of the machine. Replacement parts are available after long-term use.

After-Heat Technology

With this Bissell model, you won’t have to worry about leaving your carpet wet after cleaning, because due to the powerful suction and after-heat technology, you carpet will dry within minutes, leaving it smelling fresh like spring.

The Readyclean Powerbrush by Bissell is a great investment, it will surely keep your carpets clean, maintain its quality for years to come, and keep your house free from allergies as it will help remove dust and pet hairs stuck deep in your carpets, this purchase saves pets from becoming a problem in the home. This Bissell model also comes to you with a trial-size Bissell formula that removes the stains and odor efficiently, leaving your carpet clean and fresh as if they were new. This model has shipping options for all across the United States, they even offer shipping to Canada and other countries. Many companies that carry this Bissell model will also offer free shipping and customer support, so you can save and feel confident about your purchase. The Bissell Ready Clean Power Brush is a great carpet cleaner at a reasonable price, perfect for a small-medium sized apartment, we loved it.

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