Vax V-125A All Terrain Upright Carpet Washer Review: Perfectly Suitable Cleaner During Pandemic 2022

Would you like to clean carpets thoroughly but are tired of hiring expensive carpet cleaners? Well, you’re in luck with the device we would be reviewing today. The Vax V-125A is an upright carpet cleaner that cleans deeply into your carpets. It contains a hard floor kit, so it’s equally good for cleaning tough tiles and hard floor cleaning. Attached with a sophisticated heated system, as found on the other cleaners of similar type i.e. Bissell cleanview proheat, it provides consistent suction power to make sure all the water is sucked from your carpet, allowing for faster drying.

As expected, the Vax V-125A has a remarkable SpinScrub technology which comes in 6 different settings, allowing you to give your carpet a deep thorough clean, just as professional carpet cleaners would do. The good thing about the Vax cleaner is that the brushes can be removed easily for rinsing; allowing you to keep your brushes in good condition all the time and giving you  the ability to remove stenches and dust which may get stuck on the bristles. This technology is also featured on the Vax W87 — another powerful carpet cleaner from Vax, we recommend you to read its review as well.

Pros: Vax are known to have the best carpet cleaner’s but the Vax V-125A All Terrain is one of the best. Featuring edge to edge cleaning, SpinScrub technology and much more this has to be the best cleaner’s we have reviewed.

Cons: Only downfall with the Vax carpet cleaner is the price, it is a little high, but with the number of features this price is justified. You will get your money’s worth with this Vax carpet cleaner

Finger tip technology allows you to have a firm solid grip on the whole unit during washing, so you could easily manoeuvre the cleaner around tricky carpet corners and stairways. In addition, the vax carpet cleaner features a large tank capacity: 3 litres for dirty water and 3.7 litres of clean water capacity. Considering that the price for this device is under £200, the Vax V-125A surprisingly gives an unbeatable cleaning performance to your carpet surface. One of the strong features with this cleaner is the  Auto mixing ability that offers the exact mix of hot water with the cleansing formula to satisfy you with maximum cleaning results. The Vax cleaner comes weighing in at 12 kg, so moving this cleaner from place-to-place is not a hectic job, but sometimes it requires extra effort for lifting the unit up the stairs, but hey, at least it provides a good work-out.

Overall, the Vax V-125A offers hygienically safe cleaning. A built-in heating system delivers hot air across an equal width over the carpet surface, removing dirt without spreading it too much. The Vax V-125A even contains a number of cleaning attachments including hard floor squeegee, upholstery wash tool, SpinScrub hand tool, and hard floor brush block. And to make your cleaning process easy, this carpet cleaner comes with an easy to follow instruction manual. Not much setup is required when you take the cleaner out of its box: 10 mins are all it takes to assemble the whole unit. All you have to do is just plug in the cleaner, lock the hose to the cleaner, add some cleaning formula and water into the cleaning tanks, and you’re ready to go.

The hand tool makes it easy for cleaning the stairs, under sofas and car interiors. Sometimes you need to pay extra attention while cleaning stairs, as this unit is large and it’s a little difficult resting the cleaner on the stairs, but it’s no major worry. Also included with this cleaner is two solution bottles: 1.421 hard floor solution and 1.421 carpet cleaning formula, this formula we tried when we cleaned our test car’s upholstery and it left the car smelling fresh!

This unit is not like your regular cleaner; it is an all-terrain carpet cleaner that washes dirt and spills on all surfaces with ease. Cleaning with dual V technology, the device will leave your carpet dry within two hours. Vax also offers a full 6 year guarantee so you can rest assured that you will be insured if there are any problems. If anything like this happens, just ring up the Vax customer service line and they will help you out. We love this carpet cleaner and proud to say it is on our list of best home carpet cleaner’s of 2022.

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