iRobot Roomba 790 Robot Vacuum Review (2022)

A new Roomba seems to hit the shelves a couple of times a year which means there’s not usually a huge amount of improvement from one unit to the next, but since the first Roomba was released over a decade ago there’s certainly been a steady advancement in technology. The latest offering from iRobot… The Roomba 790 retains all the great features of the previous models while making some small improvements here and there, which is pretty much what you can expect from model to model.

The Roomba 790’s cleaning capabilities have been improved over the previous model which allows it to pick up 20% more fine particles. Most owner reviews we found certainly attest to the fact that it picks up more dirt and dust than previous models.

The second change is the remote. No longer using infra-red technology, the new wireless command center uses radiofrequency pairing to communicate with the cleaning unit. Meaning that you can control the Roomba 790 through walls, from up to 25 feet away. As opposed to the previous models that had to be in the same room with the remote pointed directly at them.

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Filters and bin easy to empty – Quieter operation. Filters and bin easy to empty. This version came with multiple extra parts and accessories. Does not eat wires. Remote allows me to redirect to a new location when it’s spent too long in an area. It is amazing how much dust and tiny debris that collects on the floor in just a day. This little device works great at picking most of it up.

The remote allows you to schedule times for the Roomba to do its cleaning and even has a manual override so you can navigate it where you want it to go as you watch TV, or help it get out of a tight spot without getting up. And yes, like previous models, the Roomba 790 is still prone to get stuck from time to time, although overall it does a great job of avoiding household objects and transitioning across different surfaces.

The addition of the manual override feature on the new command center could be very handy for the mobility impaired, who may not be capable of bending down to pick up the unit.

The dimensions and weight are pretty much exactly the same as the past few models with a 13.9” diameter, a 3.6” height, and weighing in at 8.4lbs. This time around though the 790 sports a stylish metallic blue and gray casing.

As is the case with previous models the Roomba 790 still does a great job across various surfaces with shag-type rugs generally the only surface we find owners regularly complain about.

The Roomba 790 also comes with 3 lighthouse units that help to either keep the Roomba restricted to a certain room or areas, or to help direct it into difficult to find rooms.

Out of the box, the Roomba comes with quite a few added accessories including the self-charging home base that the Roomba returns to whenever it’s finished cleaning or in need of recharging, 3 extra sets of 2 HEPA filters, 3 Extra Side Brushes, 2 Extra Beater Brushes, 2 Extra Bristle Brushes, 2 Cleaning Tools, a screwdriver and a carry case.

For the hefty $700 price tag that the 790 currently comes in at, you’d expect quite a few extras.

The Roomba 790 also apparently features longer battery life than previous generations, with 50% more usage. At this time though we’ve been unable to verify if this is actually the case.

Real Consumer Reviews of the Roomba 790

At the time of writing this review, there aren’t a lot of owner-supplied reviews to be found on the internet, however, the majority of the few we did find were full of praise for the new Roomba.

Many owners of previous models commented on its improved cleaning capability.

Other owners love the new wireless command center with one older adult owner praising the manual override feature.

The 2 or 3 negatives mentioned were the same handful that was aimed at previous models… the Roomba’s knack for getting stuck every now and again, it’s a hefty price tag and the noise. Although it must be said, the Roomba units are generally quieter than most upright vacuums.


  • Manual Control Function on the new Command Center
  • Even better at cleaning fine particles


  • Price
  • Still prone to getting stuck in difficult areas


iRobot has made enough improvements to justify releasing a new Roomba model, however, it’s really up to you to decide whether or not the $700 price tag is worth upgrading. If you own any of the previous 2 or 3 models I doubt the new features would be worth paying for unless any of them are particularly important to you. If however, you have an outdated model or are new to Roombas then the 790 could definitely be a good place to start.

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