Eureka Rapid Clean 41A Step Handheld Vacuum – The Best Helper To Clean Stairs And Hard Floors Review (2022)

The Eureka RapidClean 41A is a corded handheld vacuum that is specifically designed for stairs. These vacuums are focused to clean hard floors as well. These vacuums are corded so it does not have the power constraints as other handheld battery-powered vacuums. RapidClean handheld vacuum comes with 25 feet cord along with three feet hose that allows you to work in the range of 28 feet. It runs at the standard 120V and has a drive 6 amp motor. These vacuums weigh in at 6.8 pounds and 15 x 8 x 17 in dimension. It also offers crevice tools that help to reach difficult locations around the home.

Flexibility of the Eureka RapidClean 41A

Because these vacuums are not battery-powered, they do not restrict us to work for a limited period of time, no more worrying about your battery running out when you’re halfway through the job! These vacuums can work all day long and you are not dependent on the minutes of a charged battery. You can clean anything that you want around the home, as long as you’re within 25 feet of an electrical socket.

Best Cleaner for Stairs and Hard Surfaces

RapidClean vacuums are actually designed in a unique way that allows them to be used for cleaning wood flooring as well as stairs. These vacuums come with brush roll accessories that can come on or off so it is great for cleaning both carpeted stairs and hard floors around the home. In order to clean deep carpets and also upholstery, you just need to flip the brush accessories up and turn on the brush roll. It also offers easy roll wheels in order to protect wooden floors. Rapid clean vacuums come with a cleaning area of six inches as well, saving you time for your larger areas around the home!


RapidCleaner comes with a canister with washable filters that are capable of easy cleaning and maintenance. These vacuums do not have an internal dust bag.

The filter canisters on these vacuums are not very large, so you may need to clean them more frequently, depending on the amount of dirt and dusk you’re picking up. Once the filters are filled, you will experience decreased suction power.

The filters are easy to clean and many people choose to shop for additional filter accessories to ensure you’re never stuck with low suction and so you’re able to clean when you want to.

Great Design but Little Flaws

As we’ve mentioned, the RapidClean is made to clean wooden floors and stairs, it comes with a great switch to clean both – both the bare floor brush setting and the carpet setting. With the flick of a switch, it comes with a flip-over floor brush so you can easily change over mode from carpet to wood. Moreover, its cord length is long enough to clean stairs, even high staircases, and its 6-inch cleaning head is perfect for individual steps. It comes with a powerful 6 amp motor that supplies great suction power so there is no need to worry. As far as the design is concerned, it was made by keeping all of the cleaning factors in mind. It has rollers and natural pick points for matted hair and ability to remove all sorts of debris in order to get cleaned and maintain suction power.

The main problem users find is that its bottom plate is not removable, that is seemed to be a major oversight, as dirt and debris can get trapped inside.

Main Power

The RapidCleaner does not come with a battery but is powered by a 25 feet cord.


Replacement parts and accessories are available for the Eureka RapidClean 41A.


  • Long corded
  • Best handheld
  • Great for stairs and wooden floor


  • Roller clean flaw


In the last, let me conclude that these vacuums are great, many users say they are the best vacuum for cleaning stairs and wooden floors. These vacuums offer great performance and maintaining cleanliness is now easy.

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