Best Vacuum Review 2022: Why You Can Fall In Love With Dyson DC25

If you are like me, then you will agree that buying a new vacuum cleaner might not sound like the most exciting way to spend your time, but you’d be surprised at the sheer amount of choice available in the vacuum cleaner market.

Far too many people underestimate the importance of a good quality vacuum cleaner that never loses suction and is suitable for most types of floor coverings.

In fact, if you don’t take a little time working out which brand and model of vacuum will be the right one to suit your needs, you could end up with a vacuum that doesn’t do the job.

When it was time for me to replace my old machine, I spent the time researching my options. I know I’m an asthmatic and suffer from allergies, and I know I have kids and pets racing through the house.

I also know I have carpets and rugs as well as hard-wood floors that need to be cleaned regularly. So I based my research on these things and came up with the Dyson DC25 Ball All-Floors Upright Vacuum Cleaner.

While I vacuum my home regularly anyway, I was absolutely dumb-founded at the amount of dirt and hair this machine pulled out of carpets I thought were already clean. Boy, was I wrong.

Dyson DC25 – It’s a Real Sucker!

Yes, the Dyson DC25 ball vacuum is a real sucker, with an amazing level of suction at 220 air watts of continuous suction power coming from an 11 amp motor. The IEC 60312 Cl 2.9 test standard proved that the Dyson DC25 experiences no loss of suction.

Dyson have managed to achieve this level of continuous suction with their patented Root Cyclone™ technology. The Root Cyclone™ technology also separates out dirt from the air by way of centrifugal force.

This makes the chore of cleaning far more efficient for you, as such a powerful machine is easily capable of sucking up pet hair, dirt, dust, and grime from carpets you thought were already cleaned.

Having a Ball

No, I don’t mean I’m having a ball with cleaning my house, because I don’t think anybody really enjoys housework. However, the Dyson DC25 ball vacuum does make the chore much smoother, faster and easier to get through.

The Dyson DC25 All-Floors Ball Vacuum cleaner uses innovative ball technology for high maneuverability. Essentially, the machine sits on a ball that allows you to twist and turn the machine around furnishings and any obstacles with the flick of a wrist.

This makes vacuuming under low coffee tables, under beds, beneath kitchen cabinets and into the weirdest corners easy without the need for other attachments.

At just 16.1 pounds, this upright vacuum cleaner is a real lightweight, so you won’t be lugging a heavy machine around the house just to get some cleaning done.

You can also use the Quick-Draw Telescope Reach Wand that gives you an instant extra reach for cleaning stairs, drapes, curtains, upholstery and even those awkward ceiling cobwebs. The wand expands up to 15.4 feet, so you have plenty of reach to get into those really tricky areas with ease.

Add to this a 24-3/5 foot long power cord and this gives you a maximum reach of more than 40 feet.

Cleaner than Clean?

All Dyson products are certified asthma and allergy friendly according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. This is predominantly because of the HEPA filter used in their machines.

The lifetime washable HEPA filter effectively traps microscopic allergens, like pollen, mold and bacteria. This means the machine expels cleaner exhaust air, while getting rid of all the things that can irritate and annoy allergy sufferers. In fact, it’s been verified that the air expelled by a Dyson vacuum contains up to 150 times less mold and bacteria than the regular air you breathe.

However, it’s the ultra-hygienic clear polycarbonate bin that makes this vacuum even cleaner. The 1/3 gallon cylinder collects all the dust, dirt and hair, which means you don’t need to change dusty, smelly vacuum bags.

This minimizes your contact with any dirt or dust, as you simply press a button at the top of the canister and the dirt empties out from the bottom easily.

Dyson DC25 is Great on All Floors

As the name of this model implies, the Dyson DC25 All-Floors Ball vacuum cleaner really is ideal for any type of floors in your home. The motorized brush-bar removes pet hair and ingrained dirt from carpets effortlessly. For hardwood floors, tiles, or vinyl surfaces, simply turn off the brush and it will pick up any dirt or dust without scratching your floors.

What’s Included?

When you open the shipping box for your Dyson DC25 ball vacuum, you’ll immediately notice how easy it is to snap the three pieces together and get started vacuuming right away.

A combination accessory tool fits neatly into place on the machine, as does the stair cleaning tool and the additional debris nozzle, which converts into a brush tool for easy dusting.

If you get stuck, there’s a Quick Start Guide in the box to help you along, as well as a complete Operation Manual.

However, it’s the 5 year manufacturer’s Parts and Labor warranty that really gives Dyson such a strong reputation. They’re willing to stand by the quality of their machines, as should be obvious by the warranty provided.

Where Can You Buy the Dyson DC25 Ball All-Floors Upright Vacuum Cleaner?

You can buy this Dyson vacuum cleaner from Amazon at a very competitive price. When you compare the prices for this model in the stores to the discounts available on Amazon, including shipping prices, you’ll soon see they offer the best deal around.

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Where Can You Find More Reviews About Dyson Ball Vacuum?

If you’re still looking for more information about the Dyson range of vacuum cleaners, the best place to check for reviews is Amazon.

They list consumer reviews for products showing what people actually thought after purchasing this model of vacuum. “You Get What You Pay For!!!” was said by a satisfied user.

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