iRobot Roomba 960 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review (2022)

Nowadays, people are opting for something better than a remote control- an appliance with the ability to be integrated with their Smart phones. This is what the iRobot Roomba 960 brings to the table.

Just like the other Roomba releases, the Roomba 960 comes with a removable bin and a distinctive clean button. It also has a round shape, a side brush, and two interior side brushes.

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Little vacuum surprised !! – This iRobot easily transfers himself between floor rugs (medium pile, thick bathroom pile rugs, and foot wiping) along with the slight incline seams of the hardwood to tile between bathrooms and halls/bedrooms. The springy powered wheels lift it up and over everything except a transition piece on yet (awaiting installation). That is where he draws the line… but he tries.

Buy Roomba 960 to get:

After you buy Roomba 960, you will find the following in the package besides the robot itself:

  • The charging base
  • The power adapter
  • Virtual barrier
  • Two AAA batteries
  • An extra side brush and filter for maintenance

iRobot 960 features

The Roomba 960 has an iAdapt system enables it to map a room at a single glance. It is equipped with optical and acoustic sensors that enable it to evade obstacles and drop offs. The smart sensors also help the robot to concentrate on dirtier patches.

The 960 uses an AeroForce filter which has the ability to pick up the tiniest particles of dirt. This means that this robotic vacuum is a high recommend for people with allergies.

The robotic vacuum can run for 1.5 hours without break. This is made possible by its capable battery which only takes 3 hours to fully recharge. On top of its 3-stage cleaning system, it has overly keen dirt extractors and a quiet Gen 2 motor for cleaner carpets. This motor delivers 5 times the suction and blow power of ordinary motors. Its low height allows it to navigate easily under furniture where typical hand vacuum cleaners won’t reach. The side brush cleans the dust that gathers along wall edges.

Why you should buy Roomba 960

The robot uses the most recent technology, that is, app integration and WI-FI. With the iRobot app available for iOS and android, you can achieve almost everything with this tech-bot. The app is really efficient and easy to use.

After downloading the app, the easy to follow instructions will show you how to connect the robotic vacuum to the device’s hotspot. This should be fast. The robot will emit sound alerts all along as it tries to connect to your Smartphone.

You can schedule an automatic, prior cleanup for 7 days right from anywhere and check the cleaning progress after a successful setup. The app also acts as a user’s guide and support.

– Cleans all types of floors
– Uses the iRobot app which is much more efficient
– Reliable battery life 
– Uses the older 800 series motor
– Shorter battery life compared to the 980
– Lacks turbo mode on carpets
– Pricy 

What a satisfied Amazon customer had to say:

“The 960 is COMPLETELY different. It actually figures out the layout pretty darn well. It’s a little random at times, but to see it INTENTIONALLY head out of one room, go down the hall, and then hit the Kitchen is truly inspiring to me. Yep, it’s actually doing some basic thinking here – nothing magic, just better software and a camera to help it map where it’s been and how to get home. When the bin is full or the battery runs down, it literally takes about the shortest path back to home base and pops right back into its charger – then it picks up, literally, where it left off.”


Admittedly, the Roomba 960 carries quite a hefty budget but it is still far from being perfect. You should consider a lower investment especially if you are buying a robotic vacuum for the first time. However, if you are a technology enthusiast who values the reliability of good software, this is the perfect piece for you.

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