iRobot Roomba 880 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review (2022)

The Roomba 880 is the first release of the 800 Roomba series first introduced into the market in 2013. It clearly reveals the distinction between the 800 series and their predecessors, the 700 series, with its new and updated technology.

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Excellent performance – The Roomba handles the brunt of the cleaning quite impressively. It doesn’t scrape/scrub muddy paw prints, but it does take out the gravel, grit, and most importantly, the fur. Some fur gets wrapped around the brush and rollers, but didn’t sweep before unleashed the machine so the conditions were much hairier than they will be going forward. Cleaning up the rollers and brushes takes 5 minutes if you stop and make coffee while doing it. 

General description

This unique piece is approximately 45 cm in diameter and about 10 cm in height. It has five, easy to use buttons on top, including the huge, central power button.

Why should you buy Roomba 880?

The iAdapt multi-room navigation with sensors enables the robot to automatically adapt to any changes in your home. This means that it will not grope about even if you do a complete home do-over.

After programming it, which is quite easy, you just send it on a free roam to clean the designated area. If it doesn’t run out of battery or fill the bin, it will return to the charging dock after finishing the cleaning job, which could be up to 3 rooms. It spends a maximum of 25 minutes in each room before moving on to the next.

Virtual lighthouse beacons are included in the box. They simulate a virtual wall near doorways to prevent the robot from getting lost in between two adjacent rooms. You can use the remote control to concentrate on dirty patches that need a little more attention. Although it’s very rare, the remote control feature can also be used to steer it away in case it gets stuck.

The Roomba 880 is Hair and debris clog free- it comes with self-cleaning, high-efficiency tangle free extractors and filter traps. The top-grade filter collects can collect particles thinner than the human or pet hair. The primary suction chamber can be removed and cleaned manually to remove large pieces of dirt such as paper and wires.

The AeroForce 3-stage machination delivers cleaning results that are worth a thousand-yard stare!

Would other customers advise you to buy Roomba 880?

This creation is a favorite for customers on Amazon. They like the fact that it works on almost every surface and that it works a lot more efficiently in eliminating dust. One reviewer says, “My allergies have improved hugely. So much so, that we are going to have to buy a second Roomba for our home.”


Some customers dislike the small bin which fills fast on first runs. However, the bin can be emptied less frequently after a few runs. Tap lightly on the sides to clean the filters while you are on it- two birds with one stone, huh?

– Remote control makes it even more efficient to use.
– Does not require everyday maintenance
– Easy scheduling and programming
– Debris and hair tangle freeWorks on all floor types
– Designed to fit under most furniture 
– The small bin has to be emptied from time to time on first runs.
– You will have to plan for a higher budget than when buying typical vacuum cleaners. 


The Roomba 880 is a good vacuum cleaner by all means. It requires little maintenance along the way and does exactly what is expected of it. It is no surprise that most people consider it to be a pet and a useful one for that case! It is a high recommendation for anyone looking for a luxury robot vac. 

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