iRobot Roomba 564 Pet Robot Vacuum Review (2022)

The Roomba 564 Pet Series is iRobot’s answer to the heavy-duty cleaning needs of pet owners. The Roomba is a robotic vacuum that maneuvers itself through a home while removing dirt and debris from floor surfaces. Unlike some of the 500 series Roombas, the Roomba 564 is designed with more suctioning power and has a larger capacity bin to contain vacuumed pet hair and dirt. It maintains the circular, lightweight design of other Roombas, as well as other popular features of iRobot products

The Roomba 564 Pet Series is marketed specifically to meet the needs of pet owners, whose homes may present a challenge to a standard 500 series Roomba. However, with its advanced suctioning capabilities and larger bin, it might appeal to anyone looking to purchase a robotic vacuum.


  • Aerovac technology—creates greater airflow, pulling hair and dirt off of the brushes and into the larger bin
  • Virtual Wall Halo—keeps the Roomba away from pet bowls and dishes
  • iAdaptTM Responsive Cleaning Technology—enables thorough cleaning, guiding the Roomba 564 through the room, alerting it to soft and solid obstacles, as well as finding dirtier spots and focusing on them
  • On-board scheduling—can preset up to 7 cleanings
  • Cleaning head suspension—allows the Roomba to transition between different surface types

Roomba 564 Pet Reviews from real consumers

The majority of iRobot 564 Pet Series reviewers seem absolutely thrilled with their purchase. If the reviews are any indication, the Roomba 564’s brushes are much easier to clean than their counterparts. Reviews state that while daily cleaning of the 564 is necessary, its design allows its brush to easily snap apart and back together; combined with tools that iRobot supplies, the brush cleaning process seems to be much improved. Most reviewers feel that the iRobot 564 Pet Series does a thorough job of cleaning. Many are impressed with the amount of pet hair and other debris that the Roomba 564 removes from their floors.

One reviewer, a bird owner, was ecstatic with the 564’s performance on birdseed and feathers. They are happy with the extra-large capacity bin, another feature that addresses concerns with other models. Hardwood floor owners also commented on the Roomba’s excellent performance on their hardwood floors. As with other Roombas, many reviewers feel the vacuum is easy to operate and program, and the reviews, for the most part, lack technology-issue complaints. Most feel the Roomba 564 does a good job of navigating around their rooms. As a whole, people who purchased the Roomba 564 seem very happy with their purchase.

Though far fewer in number, there were a few negative reviews of the Roomba 564 Pet Vacuum. One reviewer did experience problems with the power supply of the iRobot 564; when he contacted customer service, he experienced some of the same frustrations mentioned in reviews of other iRobot products (service reps lacking knowledge; getting slow or inadequate responses). Another reviewer states that his unit became disoriented and would not return to its power base; again, this is another situation commonly experienced by Roomba owners. One review also mentioned the loudness of the 564, a common complaint about iRobot vacuums in general.

A word of warning about the iRobot 564’s reviews—all of the reviews seems to be based on recent purchases of the Roomba 564. For example, the oldest review on Amazon was dated December of 2011. Also, there were relatively few reviews, especially compared to the number of reviews that other Roomba products have received. Given that many owners of other iRobot 500 models often complain that their Roomba’s parts and battery seem to wear out quickly, consumers may want to wait before purchasing the Roomba 564 based solely on customer reviews.


  • Does a thorough job of cleaning
  • Extra-large capacity bin
  • Navigates well
  • Easy to operate


  • Noisy


If the reviews are accurate then iRobot has succeeded in solving many of the issues that pet owners experienced with older models of the Roomba robotic vacuum. The improved suction, combined with easier brush cleaning, may convince some skeptical pet owners to go ahead and purchase the Roomba 564 Pet series now. However, many may want to hang onto their money a little longer, at least until the 564 receives more reviews from long-term owners, rather than people still in the “honeymoon” stage with the Roomba 564. If over time, the iRobot Roomba 564 manages to maintain its excellent cleaning performance, while avoiding a reputation for broken parts and worn-out batteries, then this may be the iRobot robotic vacuum that many consumers will ultimately choose.

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