Top 7 Best Upholstery Cleaners For Your Home: Product Recommendations To Get Best-Fitting Vacuum 2022

It is common knowledge how nice and comforting it is to just lounge in our couches after a long day at school or work. If you are a busy person, I’m sure you also have all-nighters on your couch just doing work. After a while, the upholstery would get dirty and worn out from too much use, and so we have to clean it regularly. Luckily, there are a lot of upholstery cleaners out there on the market. However, the real challenge is choosing which one you should use in order to clean your upholstered materials without damaging or staining your furniture. This is exactly why we have done the hard work and reviewed the best upholstery cleaners available in the market. We want to make your life easier all you have to do is select your favorite!

Bissell SpotClean ProHeat Portable Carpet Cleaner

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BISSELL SpotClean ProHeat Portable Carpet Cleaner

With Dogs and a Toddler, I CAN’T Live Without It – The tanks snap into place, the “dirty” tank has the screw in float valve that you can remove to give you a giant hole to rinse and clean both the tank and the valve with. The hydro-rinse tool allows you to use the cleaner to actually rinse the hose after cleaning up a mess (which is a huge plus so your hose doesn’t start to stink) and that the clear tops of both brush heads are detachable to make cleaning/removing sucked up debris a BREEZE! Also works great for simple messes.

This made our list primarily because this is the most powerful spot cleaner to come from Bissell. The Bissell Spot Clean Pro integrates strong vacuum suction, cleaning solution, and brushing motion to achieve stainless upholstery. We personally liked how the Bissell Spot clean pro’s long cord allows you to clean hard-to-reach areas in your carpet and other upholstered materials. If you prefer upright cleaners, then this one might not be for you. However, we recommend this one for its power and its handy features that make it perfect to use for accidental spills on your upholstery.

Compared to other portable cleaners out there, this one from Bissell actually has the biggest capacity. One good implication of this is when you plan on covering a lot of space; you would be saving on a number of trips to the sink just to refill the machine. Also, there are separate tanks for the clean and dirty water, allowing for thorough cleaning without the constant worry of the dirty solution just cycling back and forth.

Once you order the Spot clean Pro from Bissell, you would also be getting free items such as a 6 stair tool, 3 tools for tough stains, and an 8-ounce Professional Deep Cleaning formula. You would also receive a rare 2-year warranty upon availing of this product. This is actually a good deal in itself and in relation to others. If you are looking for a portable cleaner that you could drag and move around easy, then the Bissell Spot clean pro is definitely for you!

Eureka EasyClean Corded Hand-Held Vacuum

The first thing you would notice upon seeing this cleaner is how small it is. Truly, at 6.7 pounds, this is one of the lightest upholstery cleaners there are. Getting this EasyClean machine saves you the trouble of dragging a heavy and bulky vacuum cleaner every time you have to clean spills and spots in your couch or carpet. You might think that because its framework is obviously small and light, that the cleaner is not that effective. This would be a very wrong assumption.

On the contrary, we integrated this cleaner into our list of top 7 best upholstery cleaners because it is very powerful in removing deeply-rooted stains in upholstered materials. With 5.5 amp power, this machine is one of the rare ones that actually use pure power to get rid of annoying spills and stains. One rare feature of this cleaner is that there are two motors that power the high-power suction present in this unit. Its cord reaches up to 20 feet, which means you have a pretty good reach every time you start cleaning. The size of the whole unit is also ideal for storage in tight spaces and even in the corners of your house.

The main feature we liked about the Eureka easyclean is how its Riser Visor nozzle flips upon command, making it simple and quick to clean stairs and other upholstery both vertically and horizontally. Get the Eureka easyclean corded hand-held vacuum if you are looking at a rather cramped-up storage space today.

Black and Decker Pivot Vac

Now, if you are a fan of cordless cleaners, then you have to at least consider getting this unit from Black & Decker. This is the most powerful cordless cleaner we have tested, and we are glad to recommend this to anyone since its power is truly extraordinary. Its initial charging time is 24 hours to keep it up and running, but after that, it’s all a smooth ride. We like the performance of its motor running on 18 volts of power. We also loved how integrated the Black and Decker pivot vac is without any loose accessories on it.

Since the dirt tank can easily be removed and returned for this unit, you are spared from having to carry the whole unit to the sink once you have to clean up after using the Black and Decker pivot vac. As for storage issues, you have nothing to worry about at all since the Black and Decker pivot vac is very innovative. You can actually fold it in half for easier storage. It would take up such small space that you might not even notice at times that you actually have a new cleaner in the house.

The feature that intrigued us about this model is its patented nozzle design. It actually pivots, allowing you to access hard-to-reach areas using different angles and trajectories depending on the location and size of the spill you are trying to clean up. We highly recommend the Black and Decker pivot vac!

Bissell SpotClean Portable Carpet Cleaner, 5207A

This fourth upholstery cleaner on our list is a far cry from the few ones that came before it. This is actually a rare type that we loved. We love the quality investment in this one, since the unit is capable of permanently removing stains and spills on the fibers of carpets, couches, and other upholstered materials. We were also impressed by the Heatwave Technology which maintains a constant temperature for the whole cleaning duration, allowing for steady suction and preventing overheating of the unit. There are also removable water containers, so you don’t have to bring the entire machine if you need to refill or clean up after you are done using the machine.

You can say goodbye to the blot-and-scrub routine once you decide to purchase this cleaner for your upholstery needs. This is because the Bissell technology allows for strong spray and sucking mechanisms in order to get rid of deep stains in the fibers of your upholstery. While the unit may y look bulky and heavy at first, you would soon find out that it is actually light enough to carry around different rooms of the house with ease. Also, it has a slim design, allowing for easy storage even in an apartment that has a rather limited elbow room.

We highly recommend this particular unit for households that have pets who stay inside the house. The technology of this model is perfect to clean up after the mess of our beloved pet animals.

Black & Decker CHV1510 Dustbuster

This is the second Black and Decker unit to have made our list of top upholstery cleaners, and we will be upfront with you – we fell in love at first sight just by how polished this unit looks. With dimensions of 14 x 6 x 9 inches, this machine actually looks more of a device and we are sure even a young teen can easily carry this baby around since it weighs only about 4 pounds. Again, don’t let the petite framework of this upholstery cleaner fool you – this is every bit as powerful as your regular-sized cleaner. One edge of this model would be its wide-mouth design, which makes it possible to pick up even larger than normal debris in your upholstered furniture.

As far as tight spaces are concerned, this model can truly help you out with its slim and rotating nozzle that can easily target these concerned areas. We found that this compact unit would be exactly what you need to clean up spills and food that remains in the edges and corners of your couch or even car seats. Its filtration technology features three stages, which are responsible for the prevention of possible clogging while allowing for altogether cleaner exhaust. It has removable dirt bowls that could easily be washed when necessary. These are only some of the features that make the Black & Decker CHV1510 Dustbuster stand out from the rest, we loved it so much we featured the cleaner on our list of the best upholstery cleaners for your car.

Bissell Little Green Machine

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BISSELL Little Green Spot and Stain Cleaning Machine

Wow! –  This works great! Try for pet stain sprays, repellents, etc and is about to get all the carpets professionally cleaned when you find this. When you try it you will be WOW. This is going to save you hundreds in carpet cleaning!

This is the third Bissell cleaner to have graced our list and we can say that this is a cut above the rest because of its innovative technology that integrates a water heater in this compact unit. It’s not the lightest of cleaners at 13.4 pounds, but you can rest assured that every pound you carry constitutes cleaning power you can rely on. Environmentalists would also be pleased to know that this strong machine is friendly to the environment. Why? Well, half of this whole portable cleaner is made from recycled plastic!

Now, let’s talk about the built-in water heater. It uses the technology of cleaning with heat; dirt embedded in the thread and upholstered materials can actually be removed easily when the material is subjected to intense heat and with the Bissell Little Green Machine you can generate up to a 25-degree temperature increase for your regular tap water. In addition to these top-of-the-line technologies, you can also rely on this machine for easy drying of your upholstery, accounting for its powerful spray and suction accessories that dry right after cleaning the material.

This baby has a whopping dirty tank capacity of 48 ounces, which cuts you a lot of trips to the sink just to clean and empty up this tank. Upon availing this unit, you will also be supplied with an accompanying solution which we recommend you to use for the strongest stains you have been trying to get rid of. Two thumbs up for this unit and makes our list of the Best Upholstery Cleaner best upholstery cleaner!

Dyson DC34 Handheld Vacuum

This is the only Dyson model that has made our list and here’s the first thing you have to know about the unit: if you are able to purchase this unit from a certified reseller you would also be getting a 5-year warranty for parts and labor. Now, don’t you think that if Dyson is confident enough to give this rare warrant, that the unit is actually something you could rely on in the long run? True enough, the motor of this particular model is powered up to three times the regular motors; this makes the Dyson DC34 Handheld Vacuum entitled to being dubbed as the most powerful handheld cleaner out there. Another thing you should know is that you never have to worry about the charging time of this vacuum – it charges three times faster than conventional cordless cleaners out there!

This works on a high-suction technology powered by a digital motor that spins three times faster than traditional handheld vacuum cleaners. It is also a very easy device to use, as it gives you clear signals such as a LED indicator for when the device already needs recharging. There are also a lot of accessories and working modes you can alternate with this unit, so you can rest assured that there is something that could help you with any upholstered material you have that needs cleaning. With this model, you can clean the tiniest of dirt to the largest of debris.

We want to help you get an upholstery cleaner that will take care of your couch as you would. The things we consider are quality and affordability. We have carefully tried and tested a wide range of upholstery cleaners before we were able to come up with this list, so you can rest assured that what we have mapped out here the best of the best upholstery cleaners. Please read thoroughly the specs of each cleaner so you can decide for yourself which one best suits your needs. You can even try each one so you can see in action how they work, and you can also know the feeling of each one of these cleaners.

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