Review On Neato Botvac D80 Robot Vacuum For Pets And Allergies (2022)

When Neato first introduced their highly competitive robot vacuums into the market, it was clear enough that they were destined for success. The fact that they invested more in functionality than in aesthetics, proved this fact more than everything else. Neato’s style is so compact- in fact; the only difference between the D85 and the D80 is that there are no extra maintenance filters in the latter. The piece only weighs about 8.5 pounds and measures 12*13*3.9” approximately.

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✅ Best Neato Botvac D80 Robot Vacuum For Pets And Allergies

The sweet spot for vacuum robots – Neato is the best robot vacuum on the market and has been for years. . Nothing beats the nice straight lines this vacuum leaves behind it. The rooms not only are clean but look clean too. Those zigzag lines others leave behind don’t look so pretty but this is nice and visible straight parallel lines that really make it look pretty.

The Neato D80 inventive brushes are a lot quieter than other pricier models, especially on hardwood floors. The newest model of the D80 features a vigorous dual, two-piece internal cylinder brush and a side brush. The brush sticks and the filters are a little larger compared to other robots which enable the robot to pick up hairs more quietly without tangling up.

Why you should buy Neato D80?

The robotic vacuum is guided by a laser technology that enables it to map an entire room with a single 360 degrees scan. The tech also enables it to avoid obstacles and stairs. The characteristic D-shape is not just a sales stunt; it allows the robot to clean along edges much more efficiently.

The front features a tap-sensitive Liquid crystal display interface where you can manipulate all the device’s settings. Inside, the Neato D80 uses the Neato’s QNX Neutrino OS. This operating system works with the laser guides to adapt to the environment- the D80 knows every part of your home.

The Neato D80 recognizes magnetic boundaries. Placing one on its cleaning path prevents it from accessing areas that it is not wanted. A boundary marker measures approximately 12.5 feet long. You can also cut it to fit specific doorways and pet feeding corners.

The D80’s hydrogen compound battery is very reliable. It recharges quickly and also lasts for long hours on a mission.

Recommendation by a satisfied customer

“I’ve only had the D80 for a couple of days, but I’m impressed. It cleans as well or better than the XV Signature Pro, and that is saying something. I’m not sure how much the spinning side brush actually does (the XV lacks this feature), but it certainly looks useful.”


The developers did not include one of the most competitive features of a robotic cleaner, a remote control. To schedule a cleanup, to get the device to start or dock, you have to use it directly. However, the great reliability of the device to return to the dock on its own and the ability to navigate independently makes this feature completely unnecessary. Surprisingly, after the device runs out of battery and returns to the charging dock, it resumes cleaning right where it left off.

To the inside, the D80 has only one filter. This makes it a little bit more ineffective than the D85 which has 3 filters. This is the reason why most allergic customers are advised to overlook it.

– Quiet
– Requires little maintenance
– Easy to use
– Cleans all types of floors
– Smart enough 
– Doesn’t include a remote control
– Still louder compared to the competition
– Lacks technology and aesthetic sophistication 


The D80 remains a good investment especially for those who just want to test the waters. The absence of the remote control is a huge drawback that could make average customers go for a different same-level model, but with this feature.

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