ILIFE A4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review (2022)

ILIFE A series take home sophistication and style to a whole new level. This is clearly evident by just looking at this awesome creation- definitely worth the cost!

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✅ Best ILIFE A4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Titanium Gray

A very good robot vacuum at a competitive price – It comes with two replacement brushes, a charging dock, an air filter, and a little tool to clean the filter screen. It also comes with a remote control that allows you to schedule cleaning: nothing fancy – you can only set-up a clock and the time you want your vacuum to start cleaning. It does not come with virtual walls. Not a big deal; simply shut the door, or put something in the way to prevent it from leaving the area. It has three select-able cleaning modes: ‘Auto’ (runs randomly), ‘Spot’ (goes round and round in one spot), and ‘Edge’ (runs along a wall). When in Auto mode, it automatically switches from one mode to the other based on the situation. For instance, if it gets ‘trapped’ in a corner, it may go into ‘Edge’ mode, follows the wall briefly (allowing it to ‘escape’), then reverts back to Auto.

Physical description

The ILIFE A4 is gray in color with a trim, puck like shape. It has a single button protruding over the top cover. The button has an array of colors, each to indicate the current status of the ILIFE A4. Pressing it when cleaning is in progress brings the robot to a halt. Holding it in for at least three seconds will put it to sleep mode.

On the lower side, it has wheels, charging portals, sensors and elongated brushes which rotate to direct dust into the bin. The primary power button and the bin are located on the rear side.

The charging dock has a green LED light that lights up when it is powered up. There are two shock free charging knobs that attach to the charging portals on the ILIFE A4 after it docks. The dock must be placed away from obstacles because the A4 automatically returns to the dock after the battery runs low.

The remote control features are quite impressive. It has a typical screen which displays a separate clock and the ILIFE A4’s timer. Pressing the arrow buttons will control its direction. The lower “MAX” button increases the suction intensity. Use the “spot” and “edge” buttons to concentrate on a specific spot or along an edge.

Here’s what you will get after opening that ordered package:

  • The ILIFE A4 robot box
  • Power adapter
  • Charging dock
  • An extra pair of brushes
  • A pair of AAA batteries
  • A remote control
  • A pair of HEPA filters
  • And the user’s manual of course

Unique features

There are many reasons why you should buy ILIFE A4. First and foremost, the ILIFE A4 is ideal for all types of surfaces including tiles, carpet, and hardwood floors.

After setting everything up, you just have to bring the A4 to life by pressing the power button on the piece itself or the one on the remote control. For the automation enthusiasts, you can schedule a clean up using the clock button on the remote control.

Debris, Human and dog hair will no longer be a problem after you buy ILIFE A4. It picks up nearly everything it comes across- you don’t want any toys or other small objects lying around. One satisfied Amazon customer says, “It works well for us against our German Shepherds shedding hair on hardwood and tile.” What’s better is the fact that the robot transitions smoothly over different types of floors. It also has sensors which help it to avoid stairs.

The A4 responds to commands immediately. Scheduled cleaning starts exactly the same time as the previous day.

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Pros & Cons

– Easy to set up
– Does not require programming every single day
– Moves over obstacles without getting stuck
– Longer battery life
– Relatively cheap
– Works on different floors 
– Not smart enough to create cleaning patternsGets stuck frequently
– Sometimes, it doesn’t return to the charging dock on its own 


The ILIFE A4’s extreme suction power and robust motor force is something rare to find. The cost is also a bit low compared to other similar devices. If you live in a small apartment without children around, it will be a good investment to buy ILIFE A4.

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