How To Maximize The Space Under The Stairs? (2022)

I am quite sure that by now, everyone is familiar with the cupboard under the stairs. And no, this is not about the famous Harry Potter but about the space that has been considered his room for quite some time. The space under your stairs has so many possibilities; one of which is for storage space. It is ideal as such because there’s a lot of room under the stairs that can be used for putting away stuff that you might need every day. Whether it be shoes, slippers, coats, jackets, bags, and hats, this would be an ideal place to store all of them in. Most especially if the area concerned is located near the front door entrance.

Another use for this space is for a reading nook. Put a simple bookcase, a comfortable chair and a reading lamp beside it to give it an inviting feel to sit down and grab a book to read. Throw in a rug and maybe a plant and it might just be a new favorite spot for you to spend your down time in. Complete it with a variety of books that is appealing to the whole family.

You might also want to consider converting it into a study area for yourself or your child. Depending on the kind of staircase you have in your house, pick a study table that would go with it. Choose a sturdy, ergonomic chair and make sure that it is well lit so you will be able to read and do your work in it.

If you are fond of listening to music, then you might want to turn this space into a listening nook. Pick a table that will house your equipment, throw in some bean bags or a relaxing chair and add some drop lights or wall lights.

Whatever it is you decide on, keep it simple and remember that any space can always be used to your advantage given the right kind of furniture and careful planning.

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