How To Maximize The Space Under The Stairs? (2022)

I am certain that at this point in time, everyone is aware of the cabinet that is located under the stairs. No, this is not about the renowned Harry Potter character; rather, it is about the area that, for a considerable amount of time, has been regarded as his bedroom. One of the various uses that might be accommodated in the area beneath your stairs is the installation of a storage area. It is perfect for this purpose since there is a large amount of space beneath the stairs that can be put to use in the storage of things that you may need on a daily basis. This would be the perfect spot to keep everything from shoes and slippers to coats and jackets, bags and hats, and even shoes and slippers. Especially so if the location in question is situated close to the main entrance of the building.

One other option for this area is to create a cozy reading nook. Place a straightforward bookshelf, a cozy chair, and a reading light on each side of it to create an atmosphere that encourages people to take a seat and pick up a book to read. If you add a rug to the space and maybe a plant, it might very well become one of your new go-to places to spend time when you simply want to relax. It should be finished off with a choice of novels that everyone in the family will enjoy reading.

Converting it into a place where you or your kid can do their homework is another option you should think about. Choose a study table that complements the kind of staircase you have in your home, taking into account the design of the steps. Choose a chair that is not only solid and comfortable but also ergonomically designed, and check to see that it has enough lighting so that you can read and work while seated in it.

If you like listening to music, you may transform this area into a listening corner if you have the time and the room. Choose a table that will be used to store your equipment, add some bean bags or a chair to rest in, and finish off the space by installing some drop lights or wall lights.

The next idea will be converting the space under stairs to be your dog house. HERE you can see many DIY ideas for a happy weekend project.

Keep things as basic as possible no matter what you choose to do, and keep in mind that with the correct sort of furniture and some careful design, you can make even the smallest area work to your favor.

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