Bissell Cleanview Quickwash Carpet Cleaner Review: Easy Foot-Operated Retro Machine 2022

Today we review the Bissell Cleanview Quickwash Carpet Cleaner, a cleaner that has an easy foot-operated retro mechanism which provides a quick on/off control of the machine. The carpet cleaner comes with a suction motor which is 500w — not too powerful compared to the rest of the cleaners we have reviewed but it gets the job done anyway. It features six rows of sophisticated brushes which rotate smoothly in the carpet fibres to lift the debris and those pesky tough dirt stains. You can be reassured this won’t put a big dent on your savings. Alternative carpet cleaners which are similar to this unit are the Vax dual V (which is costly) and the Vax Rapide Spring (cheaper).

Pros: The Bissell cleanview quickwash carpet cleaner comes with a standard to year guarantee. It is the lowest range carpet cleaners around, which does the job, straight out the box and it is ready to use.

Cons: A average suction rate as the motor is only 500 watts; you will have to certainly clean your carpets thoroughly to see results. But don’t let that change your view, this cleaner will get the job done!

Both the Bissell cleanview quickwash carpet cleaner and the Vax V-124A Dual V, provide quick cleaning action however there are differences. For example in the Bissell quickwash, water is heated to provide a constant temperature for cleaning, while in the Vax, carpet is supplied with a hot air, two very different methods to dry your carpets.

The Vax Dual V has an hot air blower and a high powered brush for cleaning the car seats, as a result of these additions the Vax has an upper hand over the Bissell. However don’t let this change your view even if the Bissell cleanview quickwash cleaner doesn’t come with a number of modern features, it still is a sturdy carpet cleaner that does what it says on the box.

The Bissell quickwash comes equipped with two water tanks (clean water tank and dirty water tank) which totally separated from each other which is convenient. The dirty water tank is covered with Microban coating which restricts the smell from spreading and keeps your house safe from odours. The Bissell cleanview quickwash cleaner is designed in a way to operate for all kinds of carpets in any condition. It provide’s edge to edge cleaning by going directly into the carpet pile and sucks up the dirty strains effortlessly.

Sometimes, cleaning with a regular cleaner is very difficult, as it can’t reach the edge corners due to the flat surface of its nozzle, but the Bissell cleanview cleaner has a round nozzle which has easy access to these corners. Despite its robust look, it actually weighs only 6.5kg — lighter than the Vax W90-RU-B Rapide Ultra, which comes up at 10.2kg. Cleaning solution is also shipped with this unit, but it was pretty useless when we tested it, was good as water. Various types of cleaning solutions are also available, so you can order any of them if you need. Maybe make your own homemade carpet cleaning solution?

The Bissell cleanview quickwash cleaner will remain safe from high voltage current, as it is equipped with a 7.6m power cord which is highly insulated. Therefore, if the fuse is blown you will be safe not to get electrocuted. Assembling of parts is quite easy; three screws are required to assemble the whole body (two screws for coupling the upper body with the lower body and one screw for joining the handle with the body). One final thing worth mentioning is that Vax are known for offering extended guarantees for their carpet cleaners as a result the Bissell cleanview quickwash cleaner also feature’s a extended 2 year guarantee (which also comes with Bissell’s other carpet cleaner), so no need to hassle about its repairing.

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