Neato XV-11 Best Robot Vacuum Review (2022)

The Neato XV-11 All Floor Robotic Vacuum System is a uniquely designed robotic vacuum cleaner. Shaped like the letter “D”, it can glide along walls and reach corners that other robotic vacuums cannot. The vacuum utilizes laser technology (called Room Positioning System, or RPS) to determine its methodical back-and-forth path through a room, suctioning dirt and debris from the floor, while avoiding obstacles altogether (similar vacuums bounce off walls, furniture, etc.). The Neato XV can be manually started or programmed to start at its LCD Control Panel Screen. The LCD Control Panel is the communication center of the unit, describing the machine’s current actions or alerting the owner to problems. The machine can sense when its battery is low, return to its docking station to recharge, and begin again where it left off.

The Neato XV would be useful for any homeowner or renter, as it can be used on several different surfaces, such as hardwood, tile, or carpet. Robotic vacuum cleaners are also ideal for the mobility impaired and the elderly who can find regular cleaning both difficult and strenuous.


  • Powerful cleaning system–a centrifugal compression impeller is used to create high powered suction
  • Scuff-free navigation—as stated, the RPS technology constantly updates its internal map so that the Neato XV completely bypasses large objects in the room
  • Self-docking to re-power—returns to its dock to recharge for the next cleaning
  • Cleaning scheduler—allowing a person to program the Neato XV to clean automatically
  • Smart design and large dirt bin—its unique shape allows for better cleaning of corners and for a larger dirt bin than other robot vacuums
  • Low-profile access–less than 4” high, the Neato XV can clean under most furniture and kitchen cabinets

Neato XV-11 Reviews from real consumers

Reviews of the Neato XV are mostly positive. A substantial number indicated extreme problems with various aspects of the vacuum’s technology; however, other reviews suggested that some of these problems were easy to resolve. Some reviewers praised Neato Robotics for its prompt customer service; others were disappointed with a slow response from the company and some of the solutions offered.

Positive feedback

Positive reviews of the Neato XV praised the vacuum for its superior cleaning capabilities. Even consumers who were dissatisfied with the XV overall admitted that the unit does an excellent job at suctioning dirt and debris off the floor. Many reviewers had previously owned the XV’s competitor; the majority seemed to agree that the Neato XV has far more vacuuming power.

Positive and negative reviewers also agreed that the Neato XV is a very low maintenance machine. Reviewers stated that the dust bin is easy to remove and empty, and many commented that the brush design made it a much easier machine to keep clean than its competitor. Many 5-star reviews also praised the navigating performance of the Neato XV. Several reviewers also preferred the machine’s methodical pattern of vacuuming over its competitor’s random pattern; they felt the back-and-forth path ensures that every area of the room is touched. Most loved the fact that the Neato XV moved around objects, rather than bumping into them. Many people were impressed with how fast the XV cleans; in their opinion, much faster than similar products. Another well-liked feature was the Neato XV’s ability to detect doorways.

Negative feedback

Negative reviews seemed to share a common theme—the Neato XV has some serious technical issues. Most of the dissatisfied customers began experiencing problems immediately with their unit. Even people who loved their XV’s experienced issues with the unit, such as random error codes on the LCD screen, or the internal clock resetting itself to zero. A Room Positioning System error was the most commonly mentioned. These computer malfunctions seemed to affect the vacuum’s performance; a significant number stated that their unit was unable to locate its docking station, stopping in the middle of a room. Several complained that the unit was erratic before shutting down or would stop and ask for an obstacle to be removed from its path when no obstacle existed. Some found that if the unit stopped in the middle of a job, once it recharged, it would redo the area it had already vacuumed, rather than start where it had left off (as promised by the manufacturer).

Another issue that plagued owners was the machine’s propensity for getting stuck. According to some, the machine forced itself into areas in which it did not fit. Many felt the lack of a side rotating brush prevented the Neato XV from doing an adequate job of cleaning edges. Another common complaint concerned the springs connected to the wheel assembly; a few customers had these springs break off. And while one or two customers said the Neato XV is quieter than other units, several others disagreed, labeling it noisy, especially on hardwood floors. One or two reviews mentioned that reflective surfaces in their home interfered with the Neato XV’s laser and hindered its performance.


  • Powerful and superior vacuuming capabilities
  • Low maintenance
  • Superior brush design
  • Good at navigating obstacles
  • Ability to detect doorways


  • Docking Issues
  • Does not always complete scheduled jobs
  • Can be Noisy


The Neato vacuum seems to be superior to other robotic vacuums when it comes to the actual cleaning. Those that are technologically savvy may be willing to “babysit” (as one reviewer said) the product and work through its few glitches. The XV-11 comes in at a hefty price tag compared to some of its competitors but the high level of satisfaction from consumers who’ve purchased it and used it every day attests to its quality.

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