iRobot Roomba 560 Robot Vacuum Review (2022)

The iRobot 560 is a third-generation Roomba, the robotic vacuum manufactured by iRobot. This lightweight, circular vacuum propels itself over hardwood, carpet, and other surfaces, cleaning dirt and debris in its path. It is equipped with scheduling technology, allowing its owner to set scheduled cleanings throughout the week. A Virtual Wall keeps the unit contained in selected areas. The 560 makes use of spinning side brushes which collect dirt and debris from difficult-to-reach corners and walls while the high-speed rotating brushes clean the surfaces underneath.

The Roomba 560 is for people looking for a hands-free vacuum that will adequately maintain their floors between heavy-duty cleanings or keep their home free of dust and other allergens that can contaminate the air. Older people and people with physical limitations would also benefit from this product. Pet owners, however, may want to consider a different model, in particular the popular pet series robot vacuum cleaners from iRobot.


  • Onboard scheduling—as mentioned, allows the consumer to schedule cleaning times, even when an individual is not home
  • Virtual Walls–again, to keep the Roomba from wandering
  • iAdaptTM Responsive Cleaning Technology—utilizes dozens of robotic behaviors to achieve maximum coverage of the room; also senses the difference between soft objects and hard
  • Dirt Detect Technology—Senses dirty areas and spends more time cleaning them
  • Spot Clean Mode—Allows owner to do a quick clean up of a specified area
  • Side Spinning Brush—for better cleaning along edges

Roomba 560 Reviews from real consumers

Several iRobot 560 reviews seem to have a common theme: the robot handles light-duty cleaning well; however, parts began to wear out within a year.

Owners that love their Roomba 560 seem genuinely content with its cleaning capabilities. Most feel that the 560 does a thorough job of removing dirt and debris from their homes’ surfaces, especially when operating on hardwood floors. The majority are impressed with the scheduling capability of the vacuum, as well as the long operating time of the battery, holding its charge through an entire house cleaning. Most feel that the Roomba 560 is very easy to operate, and previous Roomba owners think the 560 seems “smarter” than older models. The vacuum seems to transition well between different surfaces, and several consumers like the spot cleaning option of the unit. Overall, positive reviewers seem content with their purchase; the general consensus is the iRobot 560 does a satisfactory job of keeping floor surfaces clean between heavy-duty cleanings.

One of the most frequent complaints found in negative Roomba 560 reviews deals with the maintenance of the vacuum. Over and over, reviewers complain about the time involved to keep the brushes clean and running properly. Most say that they must clean the brushes after every use and that it usually takes 2-3 minutes to do so, investing more time in a device that is supposed to save time instead. Another common complaint is from pet owners—the 560’s brush design seems unable to handle hair. There are several complaints about hair becoming excessively tangled in the brushes, hindering the Roomba 560’s performance. The spinning edge brush seems to break off easily, also; several owners indicated that they have had to replace it on their vacuum.

Several consumers mention part replacement on their iRobot 560, especially around the one-year mark; many feel that this is unreasonable, considering the Roomba 560’s price (around $300 on Amazon). The batteries, in particular, seem to last about a year. A few reviews mention waiting a long time for ordered parts. There are several complaints also about poor customer service, as well.

Several people comment that their Roomba 560 seems to get stuck easily, and, as with most robotic vacuums, several people complain that the unit is noisy.

There are occasional complaints about the iRobot 560’s inability to redock itself, though it seems the 560 has fewer complaints in this area than its competitors. Also, one or two customers commented about the 560’s poor performance on the carpet.

A complaint that iRobot seems to have addressed: poor suction. A few owners said their poor suction issue seems to be resolved after purchasing an Aerovac update kit, with a manufacturer’s price of almost $70.


  • Long battery operating time
  • Great on hardwood floors
  • Easy to operate
  • Transitions well between surfaces


  • Pet and other hair can become tangled
  • Some parts are prone to wear after extended use


Roomba 560 reviews suggest that it can handle maintenance cleaning for the average home and will do a great job of it, but that it may be prone to wear and tear over the long run so be prepared to purchase replacement parts after a year or two. The Roomba 560 is one of the most popular robot vacuum’s ever sold and features a hefty list of improvements over its predecessors while offering a price that is considerably less than newer generations from iRobot, and many consumers may be willing to overlook some of its issues for the benefit of coming home to clean floors every day.

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